There are various instances where I have felt objectified.
1.) in the professional realm of the world i have often been looked at as having the position i have due to “being pretty”. I have had people comment about my appearance over my intelligence on various occasions regarding job interviews or any other professional encounters.
2.) I cannot walk down the street dressed in ANY sort of clothing, whether sweat pants or shorts and feel comfortable anymore. I have a constant disgust inside and slight fear that someone will yell something out to me, or try and approach me. I find it sad that a woman cannot walk down the street without having to think about all of her surroundings and the awkward stares or cat calls.
3.) Taking public transport of any sort results in people attempting to make conversation with you, of course this is completely fine..until it is always brought back to “do you have a boyfriend” or “what are you doing tonight” or they end up somehow invading your personal space.
4.) Telling people off for objectifying you in public or on the internet always leads to “you’re so vain, why do you think people are always trying to compliment you” and “get over yourself” this is unacceptable. Asking to be left alone and not appreciating unwated sexual comments does not make someone vain.