According to my boyfriend, when I’m upset, it’s because of my mood swings, not because he did something wrong.


At first I thought of a couple, but then others occurred to me. There are actually way too many to list. 3 of them were inappropriate behaviour by male doctors. While they were supposed to be helping me. Because they believe they are entitled to do this. And they think we are so stupid that we don’t know when we are being felt up and inappropriately touched. Not that it would have mattered back then. Victim blaming was the order of the day and men were excused no matter how abominable their behaviour. I have had female doctors for the last 20 years and will never again have anything to do with a male doctor, ever in this lifetime. I’ll choose death before I let another one near me.


Today I was doing landscaping maintenance at a Home Depot yard. A group of three men got out of their vehicles, walked towards the entrance, as one of the men said, “hey, you missed a spot” while pointing at the concrete parking lot. I said, “ya, thanks” as they walked into the store laughing. Five minutes after walking in the Home Depot they walked out again, and the same man said, “hey, how’s it going, hey, hey, answer me, how’s it going” right in my face. I did not look up or reply. As they walked towards their vehicle the man’s voice rose louder: “Hey! you’re supposed to be polite to customers! Snobby lil’ bitch. Fuck you!” And then they drove away. I’m sorry that I was performing a conventionally male dominant form of labour and that I didn’t respond when you harassed me while I was doing my work. P.S, I don’t work for Home Depot and even if I did I don’t have to reply to customers who verbally harass workers in a sexist manner.


Dating blog, real advice: “One final and important point: intelligence is still undoubtedly a positive trait in women, so long as it does not undermine the man’s strength by exceeding his.” So basically don’t dare be smarter than him, he won’t like it. You must be less than him in order to be attractive but don’t worry, only a little bit less.


I felt ashamed to be topless at the beach because im fat.


Everyday in my school I’ll hear people calling this person ‘Jabarbara’ just to make fun of him


My garden tractor would not start, and I diagnosed the problem as a faulty PTO switch. I don’t have any way of hauling the tractor to a repair shop, so my friend’s husband, who has a utility trailer, offered to help me. Every time I was in the repair shop, either to explain what the problem was, or to pick it up and pay for the repair, the man at the counter spoke only to my neighbor’s husband, not to me. Even when I corrected him and said “I’m over here, I’m the one paying, he is just helping me” the man at the counter would only look at him. Also, even though I told them to check the PTO switch, they tried to charge me 8 hours of labor “to find the problem”. The problem was the PTO switch as I had said. I argued and refused to pay the extra amount and they eventually deducted it from the bill. I am seriously thinking of changing my name to Robert just to confound everyone’s expectations. I also refuse to fill in any part of a form that asks M or F. Why is that relevant for anything (except maybe surgery)? Cheers.


so many examples in downtown toronto. it saddens me. walking hand in hand with my gf on the boardwalk and having “lez-be-friends” yelled at us; dressed for a night at the orchestra waiting to cross the street at the intersection holding hands and having a car a car slow down to yell something about “___ cute ___”; being followed into the subway (again while holding hands) with someone muttering behind us “no dick is no fun, no dick is no fun, no dick is no fun”. why is it okay to treat people like this? i shunned my body for decades by hiding under ill-fitting clothes just to avoid unwanted attention. so sick of cheating myself out of feeling attractive and not dressing the way my beautiful body deserves to be dressed. so disgusted that to wear clothes that fit me properly means i become a target for the bad behaviour of others.


The Globe and Mail’s recent headline about the trend in makeupless selfies: “Ladies, put your faces back on.”


Yesterday someone at my school lost a bet, and he was told to “Smack her a**”. I learned that he’s done stuff like that before, although he knows that it’s illegal.