So my school is super hyped and proud of their basketball teams so during assemblies they always try to get people excited for their upcoming games. The only downfall is they only do it for the boys basketball team. This is in the PUBLIC school system. Another thing to add to my long list of problems with our school system.


I play proffesional high level soccer. I am from Spain and would love to go to Madrid to do a training camp but this training camp is very sexist and offers boys ages 9 to 17 more options including the bedroom 60 day training camp and much much more. I began reading about the women’s option as that was the site I need to be on, I began reading and it gave me a lot less options including the places I needed to go to do this training camp. They did not offer a Madrid training camp and a lot less options than the boys this had, as this did not inclued rooming, food, 24 seven parental guidance, etc. this blows my mind and makes me extremely angry to the fact that I cannot as a women have a clear path to my professional future as easily as the boys do. This world needs to realize we are the same and that we have the same goals and the same dreams as each other and as soon as men realize that we all strive for the same things in life the better we will become as a unit.


In most public restrooms that I have used in my entire life, there is free toilet paper and free soap, but no free tampons. For a menstruating woman, a tampon is as crucial to hygiene and comfort as toilet paper. How many times have I had to rush to a drugstore to buy some tampons, make a DIY toilet paper “pad” that bleeds through, or otherwise been degraded or put out b/c I didn’t have access to menstrual products. And I’m a wealthy adult women. Just think what it means to women who have less money or to teenage girls not to have proper access. Missed gym, missed classes, missed swimming practice. Where soap and TP are free, tampons should be free!! #FreeTheTampons [hyperlink redacted by administrator]


Our workplace benefits survey recently came out and at the very end there was only questions about mat leave. Enough people where upset there was no mention of parental leave that the CEO actually made an announcement explaining his decision to only include women. Apparently the company can better predict the cost of mat leave because EVERY woman is going to become a mother. And the CEO was too lazy to look up paternity stats in Canada. Thanks for apologizing for your sexism by being more sexist.


I was having an argument with my partner about different factors perpetuating the way women are stereotypically portrayed, as photoshopped sex objects… and he replied by saying that women do it to themselves, just look at strippers and porn stars, they are the ones causing those stereotypes. My heart broke and he would not hear my defence of women having autonomy over their own bodies being different from sexism. He frequently uses words like ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’… as humour, but every time he uses those words my heart breaks a little. He calls me over sensitive. I love him so much… but sometimes I think about what it would be like to be with a man who had a deeper understanding of sexism, and more respect for women.


14 The boy’s gym teacher French kissed me, then told me he thought I’d be a better kisser than that.


At my first visit with a male psychiatrist, he told me it was a rule in his office that you had to give him a hug before leaving. I did it the first time, but after the second visit was over I told him I didn’t feel comfortable hugging him. He said, “If some day you don’t come back, I won’t cry over it”. He then reminded me that he had the power to admit me to hospital. I saw him twice afterward because I didn’t know what to do.


I was 14 when my friend’s uncle, who was about 50, offered to drive me home, a distance of 5km. Instead of taking me home,he drove way out in the country, stopped the car and started groping me all over. I struggled with him and managed to get out of the car. He drove off, leaving me standing in the middle of nowhere. I walked and walked until I came to a house and called my mom who sent a neighbour to pick me up. When I told her what happened, she called the uncle. He said if she reported it, it would just be my word against his, and no one would believe me. Also, he would get his nephew and his nephew’s friends to all say I was “Easy” and had had sex with all of them (which was not true). My mom didn’t want to put me through that, so didn’t do anything about it.


I didn’t have many friends growing up so every day after school I’d walk to the library where I could be around people but in a safe, comfortable space. It couldn’t be anymore than a 15m walk between my house and the library–it was a further walk to school. More than once I’d be walking home and cars would slow down to catcall and shout out sexual invitations and “compliments” at me; usually these cars had 3-5 young guys (like late teens early twenties). This started when I was in grade 7 (12 years old) up until and through highschool, and it always made me really uncomfortable, embarrassed, and ashamed.


a guy I dated thought that when I was angry or frustrated that it was cute. he did not take my emotions seriously because of my gender.