14year old girl

Hi, I hope you don’t care that I am writing in English, I just find it easier to express myself correctly. There is a boy in my class that says that women are naturally inferior to men and that they can’t survive without men. I get so mad when he says that and try to lecture him but he just won’t listen. Men are always on his side because they say that we should be content of our situation and that we have evolved and that women and men are treated equally nowadays but I say that’s bullshit. Also, in Spanish class we had a project and we formed groups, one was made out of only boys, another was made out of only girls and the other ones were a mixture, the gog for a prefer grade and the bog got a terrible grade and they blamed it on their group not having girls as in men can’t think by themselves showing that in group projects women are the ones por up with the most work.