I was looking for somewhere to go play some bowls in Auckland with a couple of friends when I stumbled across this on the Auckland Bowling Club membership page. There are three membership options, Full member, Social member and associate member. The social member option is described as

“Any person who does not wish to enjoy full membership status but wishes to enjoy an ongoing association with the Club may become a Social Member. Social Members shall be entitled only to participate in social and pavilion activities and shall have no right to participate in bowling events at or on behalf of the Club. They shall have no right to speak or vote at Club General Meetings.”

However it is the only option for women to choose. The other two options are only for men who would like to join. A little bit crazy considering it’s 2014. Yes sexism is very present in every day life however I find it uncommon to stumble across such an overt, outdated exemplar of it. I have emailed to ask if it is still their policy, and if so why (/how they try justify it).. interested to hear what comes back.