Back in high school (in china), there was two incidents of attack on women near the school area. when a teacher told us evening study time will now be shortened because of it, he also added that girls need to be more careful, don’t walk alone on the streets, don’t wear revelling clothes, etc; and that “isn’t you asking for it if you dress inappropriately”. Nothing was said to the boys whatsoever, and no common was made about the attacker.

Another time when high school just started, a teacher (who is a woman) give us a long speech about how there is more pressure on boys to success and achieve things, how they should try harder in school, and girls “have it easy”, they should focus more on having a family.

I felt very uncomfortable about all of these things, but I couldn’t quite explain why, and none of the other students ever discussed it or expressed similar feelings, so I kept quiet. When I tried to talk to family members, they agreed with the teacher on at less the first one. It felt lonely and powerless.

Now I’m older and heard other people’s stories, I’ve learned to explain why victim blaming and stereotypical expectations of women is a problem, and we need feminism now just as much as we ever did. My family said that they thought more about it after i’d talked to them, and now they think I have a point. It feels powerful and not alone knowing people are trying to make a difference, and that I can help in doing that.