When I was studying abroad in New Zealand, my host was the most sexist individual I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. He felt protective of his 16 year old little sister because of the predators in clubs, but he would go out and objectify women. On many occasions I heard him saying things about how women aren’t as strong/funny/smart as men are, and MANY MANY comments implying that looks are the most important thing a woman has to offer.

In particular, I remember him bragging about sexual conquests and bedding “chicks”. He’d talk about the “hot-crazy scale” and how after he had sex with a girl, he was like, “I know you dumped me but I already f*cked you so you’re worthless anyway.” As if her value was somehow used up by sex. And this was the type of drivel I had to endure at the dinner table. These horrific microaggressions happened on the daily. I felt like I couldn’t openly question him because as host, he had control of finances.