The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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I have a real interest in chemistry and the sciences. However, my school is in a rural area where we do not have a lot of resources. The only chemistry club at my school is girls only, so I can’t participate in extracurricular chemistry the way I would like.


I work as a lifeguard at my local pool in the summer. I am the only male lifeguard. My female coworkers often discuss sexual actions and their preferences with regards to penis size while I am present. I feel very uncomfortable, and I feel powerless to communicate my discomfort.


My English teacher mentioned offhand that most males are rapists. Regardless of statistics, this hurt me a lot to hear. A trusted adult telling me that I am probably a rapist is not nice.

Naroa H

I was on the train after a party, I was 15 and a man put his legs out across the isle to stop me from going to the bathroom. When I asked him politely to move, he laughed, I asked twice more and then got angry to which he responded by insulting my weight. He then followed my friends and I afterwards into a fast food place and kept commenting on my breasts and only backed off when I threatened to call the security guard.


I saw your article in The Telegraph and felt like I needed to share my experience I had today.
I, like many others right now, experienced catcalls and harassment during my allotted exercise time today.
This is the first time I’ve plucked up the courage to go for a run rather than do a garden work out since the lockdown started. I have pretty bad anxiety issues as it is so it was tough but I was proud of myself for finally getting out there…until I got to the end of my road and was faced with a group of road-workers.
They whistled, clapped and even shouted “come back I love you” as I passed by, I even made sure to walk so I didn’t make anything “jiggle” in front of them.
I started to question my decision to go out in the first place and I felt sick to my stomach but once I’d gotten round a bend I went back to jogging to take my mind off of them.
I’d been more positive and happily running along again until I hear a car beeping, I turn around to see no one else around so I wasn’t sure what the car was beeping at then as they got closer I could see the creepy look on his face as he went past me at a slight slower pace. I felt disgusted again and decided tomorrow I will run in lose clothing just to see if it makes a difference.
Should I feel wrong for deciding to leave the house in my right leggings and fairly tight top? Even if it was paired with my unwashed hair up messily and no makeup on? I don’t know how to feel about my experience and I don’t understand why it was so much worse when something like a worldwide pandemic is happening.


So I work at a movie theater as an usher and when a theater is empty we let our coworkers know. We do this because a) we don’t have to clean it! b) if we have free time we can pop in and watch the movie. So as usual I informed my coworkers. There was a new guy (high school age) who wanted to check it out. So we went in together and no one else came. The first thing he said to me when we were alone together was, “this is the perfect place for teenagers to have sex.” He then proceeded to wink at me. I was mortified and kind of froze. All I could say was, “I don’t want to think about that.” So I just walked out and left. The worst part is that this wasn’t the first time I’d been sexually harassed at work. Thankfully it’s all just verbal & not necessarily directed towards me, but it’s still infuriating and gross. That’s what happens when you work with a bunch of high school/college-age boys.


Hi Laura,

I hope your well and safe?

I just wanted to email you about your article, cat calling.

I only the other day said to my partner I don’t feel safe on the streets at the moment running alone yet I have to run on my own as we have two kids and they need their daily excerxise too of a walk so we take turns who can go for a run, and I cannot run with my friends anymore so I’m alone on deserted streets and men are crawling by and starting and whistling and one man even started to pull over.

I live in a small boring village in Essex, it’s normally very safe and I don’t ever feel like that. I do feel more men are being predators now because they know the streets are empty and women are running more, alone, because gyms are shut and companions have been stopped.

I have stopped running now because of this. It is a big thing. And I feel more awareness needs to be made about it, we’re more open to risk now the streets are bare.

Can you make more awareness of your article. Can you try and make it reach out to more people, I only saw it because of snap chat whilst drinking my morning coffee lying in bed this morning but I think you will be very surprised if you done a toll or got it more exposure how much of a problem this is.

There will be an increase of missing people and violence now the streets are bare but we can go out alone to exercise.

I was scared and I live in this small village who everyone knows everyone.

Thank you for your article though, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone or being over dramatic or imagining it, predator men are now taking advantage of this and that now scares me we are going to have bigger problems. And now I can’t run alone as my exercise.

The warmest regards


I cannot bring my self to put my name up

It was May 8th 2012
One time our family had guests over, and they had a son who was around his early teens who I’ve known for most of my life. It was around midday, and we were playing together until he decided to push me into my parents’ walk-in-closet and pin me to the floor. He proceeds to take out his phone and play a video about initiating sex and reached down to take off my clothes. All I could do was lay there in absolute shock and fear. He abruptly stopped hearing my cousin approaching in the hall. Where I had the opportunity to open the door and run out. I’m incredibly grateful for my cousin; I seriously do not know how far the boy would have gone if he wasn’t interrupted. I was only nine years old at that time.

As a result of that incident, I never told anyone except that cousin, not even my parents, before this blog, I planned to take it to the grave because I was ashamed. And from that day on, I sought food as comfort subconsciously over eating thinking I would be undesirable that it would never happen again. Through my pre-teen stages, I craved a childhood that I felt robbed of that day, so I held onto childish things like barbies and stuffed animals, watching children’s shows beyond the expected age. For years I thought it was my fault. That day caused me trauma I didn’t know I had; I matured at a rate that no child should. Afraid of relationships, scared of seeing that boy again. And if have any wish, it would be for nobody ever to experience what I experienced that day. It pains me to think that this is normal behaviour and similar and worse instances happen to girls and women daily.


When I was about to start getting ready for bed, my mom told me to shut the blinds to make sure no one sees me, even when modestly clothed, because boys might look up and go, “ooh, there’s a pretty teenage girl I could take advantage of!” It makes me so angry that today’s world has progressed to this kind of mentality. I should not feel afraid to look out the window. BOYS, CONTROL YOURSELVES!

Also, kudos to all the people who have posted on here and stood up in a sexist environment. The world needs more of us.


I own a restaurant with my mother. I met a friend of a friend who wanted to bartend. I set him up to work for me. He is attractive, says my entire staff and customer base. Whatever, I’m married. a few months into working for me, I tell him he has leftover tip money waiting for him. He responds via text that he wants to use it to take me on a date. Wedding ring be damned, I guess.