The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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Walking home at night when a man shouts “hello” – feeling startled I say “hi”. He moved closer and asks me my name but I pick up my pace and ignore him. His group of male friends then step closer to me and shout “up yourself much, queen of the cunts”
And then laugh as I speed up even more.


Been in the city for about 7 years, first in college and now living in a flat. Almost every year something happens on the street or public transport; usually much older men trying to touch me on the bus or block my way on the street and try to stop me getting passed. Once a guy I was seeing tried to get me into a threesome with his other, female friend. Neither of them were interested in consent. it was a few years ago and it still haunts me. My mother said it was my fault for having sex with someone casually.

few weeks ago current boyfriend said he felt like I was trying to control him with sex because i wanted him to get in the pool with me and i said id make out with him later if he did,he know of the things that have happened to me and he also said he doesnt like my weight- how is that rational thinking considering he knows my past and doesn’t like my body apparently.
female relatives also expressed vast relief when the weight went down- like id become repulsive because bit of weight went on like it does for all sometimes. they were almost offended by me not being slim.

it didn’t bother me when he put on weight for a bit. I dont like my body anymore, and i dont like being hyper-sexualised by so many people.

I know my things are much less then others have suffered but they point to a society that doesnt realise how sexist it is.


I worked at a restaurant and was sexually harassed by one of the kitchen guys. There was only one other woman and one trans-man that worked there before me. The man had transitioned during his time at the restaurant. The restaurant was and is extremely male dominated.
When I filed my report against the man who harassed me my manager said, “I’m sorry, we don’t normally deal with this kind of thing. We have Sarah and Ren, but you know… You’re the first real woman to work here. Do you know what I mean?”
Not only is it offensive to the trans man being referred to as a woman, but to Sarah for not being attractive enough in his eyes to be considered a woman. It was one of the most sexist things I had ever heard in such a casual way. Fucking disgraceful. I filed a complaint against him with the EEOC. When I was interviewed by the EEOC employee he interrogated me and belittled my complaint. I told him management did not try to make my work environment safe. He said “When you tell a man no he is going to be angry, you gotta be ready to deal with that.” Like the whole thing was my fault. I filed a complaint against him to his boss too. Maybe I wasted my time, this process took months, but I refuse to sit back and let people treat me or other women like shit just because we are women.

Trickle-down sexism

My boss likes to speak over me in meetings or play on his phone when I’m talking. Other female colleagues have noticed him do the same to them. I’ve tried speaking to him about it. He acknowledges it at the time and apologises for “upsetting” me, but then next meeting it’s the same deal. Regently, I sent a big piece of work I’d done to him for feedback. He proceeded to give feedback to my junior male colleague within my earshot. Apparently, despite the email coming from me, it was inherently obvious that work of that quality had come from another man in the team. Unsurprising really that the junior male colleague tells me he’s booking other people in to represent the organisation at events because they’re more qualified, despite the advice of a female director that I’m the right person for the job. Classic case of trickle-down sexism.

Sexist telegraph

“Sex is good for the heart say scientists – but only if you’re a man”

Thanks daily telegraph front page, more junk science to discourage girls from science and sex

It’s crap like that that stops girls continuing with science classes.
I mean why bother doing science if your instinct keeps telling you the stuff “scientists” say is such obvious nonsense? We had crap like this spouted at us all the time at school.
We need more real scientists to shoot it down.
Pretty sure you won’t stop women having sex though…

Sue Howes

Buying birthday cards for small children ought to be easy. But when you have a young relative who loves Frozen it’s not so easy … when he’s a boy. All the Frozen cards say inside ‘to a birthday girl’. If you are a birthday boy you have to make do with Spiderman.
I have written to Hallmark cards (the offending manufacturer) and suggested to them that gender neutral messages might be the way to go, but I don’t hold out much hope from them.

bedroom furniture

who has seen Hammonds fitted bedroom advert

its that really what advertisers think women are all about in 2017 – their only thrill is a few bits of fibreboard?
to be honest having set up 30 years ago and run my own building company I could make something way better so they can stuff their MDF – refuse to buy from anything with a sexist advert or listen to any music with a sexualised video or words no matter how good they are – loose the consumer and the market will change

Anya 25

We were in a manager’s meeting and I was one of only 2 females out of 9 people. When it came for a coffee break the MD looked at us and said “take orders for drinks and biccies, please ladies”. I couldn’t believe it. We are both more senior than at least 3 of the guys but we had yo go get the drinks like we were the most junior in the room.


Having worked my way up through an organisation a which I joined as a PA, I was running a practice and engaging regularly with CEO’s and Directors for Business Development and Delivery. In my late 20’s (not so long ago!), I took care of my appearance, but looked smart and professional (unlike many of my male counterparts) but was careful to balance, being well turned out, with not too glamorous!
I found myself leading a regional practice when my two bosses left and whilst they tried to take me with them, I maintained my commitment to my current employer and was keen to develop my own market, take up their mantel and, in fact work in direct competition with my two former employers. I did this successfully on a temporary basis for a number of months, with no discussion or involvement from above. Then a Director asked for a meeting, casually put his feet up on the desk and suggested I take a secondment into a wider part of the business that dealt with a different (lower level, higher volume) type of work. He said that the fact that I looked young and was a pretty woman meant I was less likely to have credibility with the CEO’s and Directors that I needed to impress on a daily basis. Apparently getting experience in a different environment (where I would be 4-5 steps removed from any decision makers) should give me the credibility I needed???!
I politely told him that I thought he ought to discuss the suggestion with HR before putting anything in writing.
I was gobsmacked that my looks and age could be held against me in an environment where I had already proved my worth.
THis made me even more driven and I made a huge success of my market, despite the hurdles and perceived barriers!


Went to go purchase a new washer/dryer combo with my boyfriend for our new home. Salesman was very friendly, but when I would ask questions, he would answer them looking at my boyfriend. Never flat out ignored me, just directed the whole purchase process towards my boyfriend. At one point though, he made some comment, directly to my boyfriend, about women and doing laundry, about how we had to have everything perfect and we’re the only ones who know how to do laundry anyway since the man is off at work.
He said that, laughing, facing my boyfriend. I was standing right next to him. My boyfriend kind of went silent and then just was like, um, we both do laundry. The salesman shut up.
Kicker was, the credit card we were using to buy these appliances? Mine, in my name only. Sheesh.