The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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More than 90 rapes are reported in India daily, according to the countries National Crime Records Bureau, though campaigners say the numbers are likely much higher.


My (male) family doctor did not listen to me when I complained about symptoms and finally I changed doctors. I needed my thyroid medication decreased and I feel much better now. The reason I believe that my doctor’s attitude was due to gender was that when my husband has on occasion come with me to see him, he listens more to me and he certainly listens more to my husband. Also when we were out at a music show one evening I ran into my family doctor and his wife and friend. He introduced me by name and then qualified who I was by stating that I am married to a Marine Biologist. He did not mention what I do for a living. The last time I saw him and complained of not feeling well, he labelled it as needing to meditate and told me I might as well think of retiring now, (I am only 61) and all of the symptoms that I told him about could be attributed to being hyperthyroid. I believe that this is everyday sexism that could seriously impact my health.


I was just out running on a popular path in broad daylight. A man in a hoodie cycled past me on a bike and squeezed my bum. He was gone before I’d even processed what had happened. I burst into tears – of shock, and anger – and a kind older couple walked past and walked me home. I feel so sad and upset, and I’m nervous to go running again. I wish I’d reacted faster and knocked him off his bike! If it happens again I hope I do.


When I was about nine years old, I didn’t realise what it was. Right now, however, it’s clear to me that what had happened was not normal.
After my sister’s Christening we had a party. This who horde of relatives was present, so were my cousins. In particular – one who is 8 years older than me.
My brother and the rest of the cousins were running around somewhere and I was really bored, so I was sitting on a hammock looking at the ground and swinging lightly. My older cousin sat down beside me and started talking to me about something. I came up with a reply and was talking when I felt his hand slip under my blouse and then up my back.
That made me stop talking instantly and without saying anything I just looked up in confusion. I can’t remember what he said to me that made me let him continue touching me and then continue at the front of my body.
All I can remeber is feeling really uncomfortable. I know I wanted him to stop but I didn’t say anything.
I know I should’ve said ‘stop’ but I didn’t.
I don’t know what’s happened with him now, but I do hope he is no longer like that as he does have a nine year old sister who stays at home alone with him rather often.

Clare Mosko

My mother got an email from a friend at our church who was looking for someone to help move some boxes and furniture from a storage unit. The women asked if perhaps my younger 17 year old brother and one of his buddies wanted to take on the job for $10/hour. My brother was not interested but I, a fit 20 year old woman home for summer from college, was. I thought a male friend and I would be fit for the job so I responded to her saying a friend and I were up to the job. I promptly received a response declining my offer citing that: “this is more than boxes. It’s very heavy furniture. Thanks for the offer though.” Insulted, I responded clarifying that my friend was a male and was quite strong. She responded saying she thought it was a “gal pal” of mine, but still was hesitant about letting us do the work. A couple days later she said she would rather hire professional movers. She would rather spend more money than entrust a young woman with some heavy lifting.


First of all, look out for those inherently/ subconsciously sexist people, who proclaim vigorously that rape culture does not exist, despite there being an environment where women are objectified and have their traumatic experiences viewed with indifference.

Secondly, don’t worry; sexists will be punished due to karma under God, no matter what the Bible states. God is fair toward everyone and there will be justice.

Moreover, always speak up whenever you receive any sort of sexist remark; don’t let it normalize any further, and please try to re-educate those who are sexist.

Is feminism bad?

I asked my brother if she could meet anybody dead of alive for a day who and why. My brother said of and im guessing you wanna see some womens rights person an old time femminist and he did it in a tine that made it sound like wanting that was bad preaching for equality was bad. I said No. I wanna see Mother Theresa (because I was named after her). He said oh ok. My brother seems to think all I care about is sexism. I might care but its not all I like. SO should I not care about sexism at all because its ruining my relationship with my brother and I think my dad aswell. but it also might hurt my mom and dad because they take diffrent sides. I dont know what to do.

Sexist telegraph

The daily telegraph has two nasty stabs at feminists today alone

Apparently feminists are confusing children with their “gender awareness ideology” according to some woman who hates feminists and is plugging her book. “Feminists” are to blame for gender neutral toilets and teaching that some people are trans ! Erm thought LGBT usually involves more gays than specifically feminists (although we are supportive) but if they’d said gays they’d have risked being called homophobic…

Gender neutral toilets can decrease same gender bullying so they are a great option but the telegraph just hates feminists.
The telegraph seems a whisker away from the old trope of “all feminists are lesbians really”
Because real women are straight and totally don’t mind men being in charge /sarcasm
And no I don’t buy it that having an extra loo is going to confuse children.

The other is how sewing skills are declining because “feminists” are stopping schoolgirls from sewing by shaming them… you couldn’t make it up…. where the freak is the evidence for that?
No mention of boys sewing .


Coworker answered the phone and I heard him say “let me get My Office Girl” (meaning me).

I responded; “My title is Environmental Protection Admin. Unless you would like ME to start calling YOU “My Dozer Boy” (He’s a heavy equipment operator). He blushed and walked away.

Let’s break down his title for me:
“My” – illustrates he believes I have been assigned to him to use me as he sees fit.
“Office” – ignores my multitude of other critical environmental duties.
“Girl” – illustrates he sees me as a child needing guidance which he is quick to provide.

No it’s not a slip he made. It is a sneak peak inside his mind and shows he believes me to be HIS to BELITTLE and GUIDE while I am in his presence.

No it’s not micro-managing. It’s sexism.