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I’m a weed, 19

i work in a public house that serves food, i wear a fairly modest black vneck tshirt thats not tight on me and whenever i go to give people their food, old men in particular, when they say thanx their eyes rarely reach my eyes

I’m a weed, 19

around last christmas i came home from uni with a black eye because i had been spiked on a night out with my mates. Apparently I got the black eye from collapsing at a bus stop while two of my guy mates were dragging me home and they had to keep on covering my bare chest because my top kept on going up as my arms were around their necks. I could barely make noises let alone words and i have big gaps in my memory from they day after. I thought i was really lucky to have such great guy friends who looked after me for those two days. However, around this Christmas time one of my close girl mates was raped while she was drunk and going in and out of consciousness by my closest male friend who was also on the night out with me a year previous which makes me wander of it was him who spiked me.


I am 13. ( 14 in like a month) Before the coronavirus, I always have a teacher like this. They say, “I need a strong boy to carry this”. When I raise my hand, they always say. (Oh Camille, leave it to the strong boys, you are WAY to delicate”. It drives me crazy. It is so little, but it happens SO often. It has been told to me since 2nd grade.


When I was at university I worked in an upmarket bar/restaurant. My boss was an older man whose wife and children also worked there. He would regularly stare at my body, compliment my appearance and come up behind me and touch me. One time he thanked me ‘for always looking so attractive’ as though I was doing it for him. It got to the point where I would avoid being alone with him as much as possible but then he began to summon me to him instead. I never said anything until one day I called my mum in tears after work and she told me never to go back there. That night I wrote an email telling him I was quitting and all the reasons why, listing his many inappropriate behaviours. I never went back.


A guy shared a missing person post in a neighbourhood facebook group. He captioned the post with, “I regularly see this girl travelling through [our neighbourhood] with a man and a baby”.

The missing person is a 29 year old woman.

When I pointed this fact out the OP replied, “Besides the point really isn’t it”. This comment was ‘liked’ by two women.

I replied to say that from his post people would be looking out for a ‘girl’ and not a 29 year old woman. I feel like can’t argue further as every time someone comments on the post this misleading information goes to the top of the group’s page.


Just annoyed at the moment about the sexism from politicians. Dominic Cummings account of his trip to Durham seemed to make all kinds of assumptions about fathers and partners. There was an underlying discourse about him protecting his wife and child. Why was it assumed that he was the only person who could drive back to London? Why didn’t any reporter ask him that question?
Also Boris Johnson when recently asked a question about childcare said that it was important for childcare to be restarted so that women could go back to work. Shouldn’t that be parents?


So I used to be friends with this guy that I work with and one day at work I was just walking past and he had the audacity to slap my ass. I started screaming at him and asking what possessed him to touch me in that sort of way and at first he denied even doing it, after a while he then proceeded to tell me he thought i was this guy hes friends with, bearing in mind I am 5ft and this other guy was almost 6ft and i thought it was absolutely bizarre how he could get the two of us mixed up, my manager came over and shouted at him and said it was never okay to do that, and recently the workplace found out he sexually assaulted two of our colleagues, they never took any disciplinary action against him because it didn’t happen in the work place even though multiple girls have come forward saying he makes them feel uncomfortable and has been inappropriate to them MULTIPLE times !!!!! but he gets away with it as he comes off ‘harmless’ and people think he is ‘autistic’, I cant even look at him he makes me feel sick


My (female) colleague always says things like “Be careful!” or “you might fall and injure yourself!” if a woman does an everyday task such as using the stepladder to change the lightbulb in our office. I pointed out that being female is not an illness and if she thinks she might fall off a stepladder she should see a doctor.

People suck.

So, a bit of context:
I am in an advanced math class with only five students. I am female, the other four male. My personal opinions on the other students: one of them is my friend, one of them is a complete jerk and I absolutely despise him, and the other two are decent people.

So one time in class we were playing a Kahoot. If you don’t know what that is, then too bad, I’m not going to explain. If you do know what a Kahoot is, then you will probably know that in Kahoot, you give yourself a nickname. (I hate Kahoots by the way) Me being the rebellious human being that I am, I decided to nickname myself “screw sexism” because yes. I forget the details exactly, but I must have been one of the first people to join, because two of the others named themselves based on that. My friend named himself something along the lines of “sexism=bad” or something like that.

And here’s where the real fun begins…

The aforementioned complete jerk, who we will call A, has a twisted sense of humor, has harassed myself and my best friend on multiple occasions, so in comparison, this wasn’t all that bad, but it still pissed me off.

A had the bright idea of naming himself “<3 sexism". If you didn't know, <3 stands for a heart… yeah, he's a jerk.

But on the bright side, I think he got last place in the Kahoot! XD

Just to give an extra random fact about me, in the most recent Kahoot we played, I nicknamed myself "I hate Kahoots". In the words of my math teacher, "Oh, the irony."

That's my story, I know it's not as bad as many people's, but the guy really pissed me off.


I am a 12 year old (13 soon) female. I’m on a swim team, and the pool is close enough to my house that my younger sister and I can walk there. A few months ago, we were walking home and I was wearing a beach towel wrapped around my swimsuit straps like a little dress. We were turning at a stop sign when an old man stopped at the sign with his window rolled down. He yelled to me, “Now that’s how I like it!” I was really scared, and when I got home and told my mother, she said I should have covered myself more. But what kind of person foes it make that man to catcall a 12 year old? I still don’t really know if that actually was my fault… Also, last night, my dad, older sister, and I were sitting around a campfire, me and my sister popping our knuckles. My dad said “You shouldn’t do that unless you want giant hands” “That’s gross, and it’s unladylike.” We couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but I’m a little afraid he wasn’t. Sorry if those stories were boring or don’t belong here, but thanks for reading 😛