My name is Maria and I am 18 years old, from Portugal. Around 2 years ago, every single morning on my way to school I used to see this guy (older guy, late 30’s) who would say good morning to me everytime we would see each other on the street. In the morning the streets that I pass are from the suburbs and normally theres no people on the street.The first time he said hi i thought to myself maybe he knows me and i don’t remeber him. But them i remeber that I had never meet this guy and I just ignored him as usual. One of the mornings on my way to school this man goes on this street and I thought “thank you god” but them he turns around and sees me and stars runing in my way I run fast As I can I thought he was going to rap me in that moment but them I saw a lady that Was walking her dog and that saved me. He turned around as soon he saw me near that lady and i was so embarrassed and scared to tell my parents. Thank you for your blog and wisdom words.