Sara Oliveira

I’m 27. All the men that I dated, good or bad, long relationship or teenage fling had one thing in common:

they all did, at some point, unrequested rough moves on me during sex.

Fom slapping my ass without my permission, to shoving my head down mid-blowjob to the point that I almost threw up, grabbing my hair really rough, one even grabbed my neck and started to choke me.
And lets not forget the modern classic: they all ask for anal (at least they ask for this one), one had the audacity of asking for it the second time we had sex.

Now I consider myself a careful person and I chose decent people. Which is even more alarming, these were educated “nice” guys. I broke up with some of them because of their actions, some I tried to explain why it was wrong.

But the point is, we shouldn’t have to explain how beating or brutalizing a person amidst what should be a pleasurable act is wrong. It’s not some kink all women have. It’s violence and humiliation.

It led me to a point where I resent porn so deeply… and I’m slowly starting to resent sex. Whenever I start dating, the last thing I want to do is start having sex with that person. And I find it really sad.