In 2001 I was working for a newspaper in Ethiopia. One day I was reporting a student demonstration which became very violent. The police came and started shooting; 40 people died that day. I reported what I saw in the newspaper but the government television said the demonstration had dispersed peacefully. I was put in prison. Day after day they interrogated me. After four or five months a police officer came to the cell and took me to his office. He started asking questions. He smelled dirty, horrible. He started touching me; I tried to move away. He said he could do whatever he wanted. He told me to stop pushing him away. I started to cry, and he became even angrier. He began to slap me. I struggled with him, I tried to grab his hand. He became more and more violent. He said even if I shouted nobody could help me, so I’d better keep quiet. But I didn’t keep quiet. He hit my face and my nose started bleeding. I felt dizzy. He bit my breast. My breast also started to bleed. After that I felt faint. I couldn’t resist any more. He did what he did. He raped me.