I was put in immigration detention at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre. They searched me. I took off everything except my pants. After a couple of minutes a man came. He said, ‘I am going to take you to your room. Follow me.’ I was afraid of the security guards. The white shirts and the black trousers reminded me of violence.

I felt nobody was safe in that place. I couldn’t wash, couldn’t move, couldn’t eat. When I had not eaten for some days a doctor came to my room. He looked shocked. He said, ‘She must go to hospital, she’s dehydrated.’ An hour later the ambulance came. I was so weak I couldn’t stand, but they still sent two security guards with me. The hospital doctor asked me what happened. But the security guards were sitting right by me. I couldn’t tell him anything. Day and night they stayed by my bed. Watching me. Even when I used the toilet they came with me, and told me to leave the door open.

When I was detained the third time I was taken all the way to the airport. They came early in the morning. Two men, big men, huge. And two women. Four people, just for me. They said, ‘Miss Saron, we have been told you are a dangerous woman, so if you don’t go peacefully, you’ll get hurt. You’re going today, whether you like it or not.’ I was very weak. I didn’t even have the energy to speak, let alone fight them. When we were near the airport the escort got a call. He laughed. ‘You are so lucky, you’re going back.’ My lawyer put through a judicial review for me. Now I do have leave to remain but I can’t forget what I went through for all those years.