I am currently on Erasmus in Vilnius, Lithuania. I don’t think it’s specific for Lithuania, that there is a special hook-up culture among Erasmus students, but it’s certainly out in the open here. There is this one specific club called Salento which is guaranteed to be full of foreigners. It is quite common to have to fight off guys who try to “steal” you from your friends. It is apparently not accepted for a group of girls to dance without the interruption of at least a few guys. Last week when I went there it was one of my friend’s last night here, so we were determined to just be “us girls” (we are a group which has grown quite close, so it was a very emotional evening). I am dancing with my girls, when I see one of them doing our secret hand sign for “save me” (you would think that shouldn’t be necessary) as a guy is all over her. I pull her towards me, but that only causes the guy to go for me. I tell him that I just want to dance with my friends, but he starts getting touchy, so I push him away and tell him to leave us alone. He doesn’t stop, but instead feels that he has the right to tell me: “you came to this club, so you should accept it”. I was lost for words. In my anger and despair I managed to push him away from us (and he stayed away), but I am still amazed that a guy would actually believe that he has the right to harass me, because I went out dancing with my girlfriends.