I’m one year older than my cousin but he gets treated more like an adult and I’m treated like I’m 15. I’m 20 years old about to be a junior in college with good grades and an amazing boyfriend who treats me with respect and knows that I’m a strong woman. I graduated from high school in 2017 with a 3.3 gpa with no finals because I passed all of my classes. I had my party after graduation and it was fun. The next day I was invited to a graduation party that was 90s theme and I was very excited cause I was 18 and I wanted to go party and the girl parents were there so nothing bad was going to happen or drinking but my mom told me no cause my cousin is here and I’m like it’s my time to shine but I had to be considerate for him and my other cousin. Fast forward to 2018 to his graduation and off he went to a graduation party without being considerate for me or family plus the party had drinking. I feel like I have to stay and entertain him and he gets to ditch me for friends. I tried talking to my parents but they don’t want to listen and hear the truth and they tell me it’s in the past but it really makes me upset and it’s unfair cause I feel like they’re protecting him. Today as a 20 year old I still get questioned about where I’m going but for him it’s okay and he’s gone in 5 seconds answering to no one