Hi I am 17 years old from Athens, Greece. Sexism is something that I don’t think any girl/woman has not experienced. I have had multiple conversations with male friends who said stuff like “feminism is not needed anymore” or “there is no such thing as gender inequality nowadays”. And when I make them aware of how wrong they are, the answer is always something like “yeah that’s true, but only in ‘third world countries'(side note: I hate that expression), I meant like in Europe”.
That is usually the point when I start:
In Greece we have never had a female president, or even a from the public recognized female candidate in the run. Also, in this country the christian orthodox church still has so much power and is extremely involved in politics (another issue,don’t get me started…). In the orthodox church women are not allowed to become priests. Furthermore, there is a place in Greece “Άγιον Όρος”, that is so holy no woman is allowed to place foot in there. And these are just some facts, I am not even talking about my own experience. To just lightly touch on how much us girls/women experience, I would just like to say that my girlfriends and I have played a “game” of ‘places we have been cat-called’. By the end of it we had about 87 places and just got tired of counting.
Just because women in Europe, since people love to use it as an example, are not chained to the kitchen does not mean there is no sexism.