It’s me again. The same 8th grader who sexually harassed my friends in January was passing by my class one day. I was waiting outside with my friend. He recognized us and started to just scream in our faces. Then, as he was leaving, he said, “F*ck you” I yelled it back cause I was so angry and I didn’t want to take anymore of his harassment. But he just cussed me out all the way to his class. The next day, during our snack break, he kept flipping us off and cussing us out. This wasn’t too bad, but the thing that happened after school scared me a little bit. I was walking down the hall and I saw him and I looked at him. (It’s kinda hard NOT to look at the guy who is the tallest kid in your school and has sexually harassed your friends.) He looked at me and shouted, “What?! Why do you keep look at me, n*gga?!” And then when he was talking to his friend he said, “This dumbass b*tch has something against me.” I ran away but I wanted so badly to yell how he has harassed so many people to a point that it is disgusting!


I was sitting in the tram home from University when I heard a couple behind me Fighting. He said “what do you say slut” and she cried, I immediately turned around and they were about 15 years old. Again he said slut and touched her legs and she tried to push him away. I walked to them and I asked if she needs help, when he respond to me:” you can leave, shes my girlfriend” I said “and you call her a slut?!?!. he respond: “yea I can call her that way because she screwed another guy” I was so Angry and said with loud and direct voice “no you are never alowwed to call her or anybody else that!” then he said “fuck off bitch” but I stayed and the Girl stood up nd went next to me to leave together, he tried to grabb her but I was Standing between them and I took her to the frnt of the tram. We sat down and she was crying so much and said that is my boyfriend. I was shocked nd began Talking to her that i can call the Police but she said to me no. She was also a Little bit drunk and said that her “boyfriend” punched her outside at the tram Station in the face. I wanted to cry with her.. I said you can report him and we can do it together but she said to me that she loves him and that ist her fault that everything of this happened because she slept with another guy. She said if she wouldnt have been so stupid he wouldnt have punched her. After a Long monologue of mine why it isnt her fault and People making mistakes is normal, and that ist never okay to get beaten, punched, insulted or anything! I wanted to bring her home, but her mom wanted to kick her out if she ever gets drunk at home again. then in a conversation with her I knew her mom was beating her too. I asked her if the youth welfare Office know About it (Institution in germany for Children and Teens with “problematic” parents). and they did know About it, but the women who is soppsed to help her wasnt available. She had no Money and I brought her into a safe hostel and gave her some Food. I tried to convince her to see how her boyfriend is going to drag her down. I gave her my number in case she wants to report him. And one women in the tram tried t help us, the rest was Looking away. My heart was broken to see a Young teenage Girl who thought it was all her fault.


One of my funniest experiences of sexism was when I was on holiday in Wales, before mobile phones & Sat Navs… I was with my 3 children & a boyfriend who was considerably younger than me, & needing to find out where a friend’s house was – I left my boyfriend on the street of a small Welsh town, with my children, & went into an Estate Agents to ask for directions. I spoke to the man in there & asked him for directions, I was the driver so to me it made sense to find out where I needed to go. He looked at me, didn’t say a word, then lifted up the flap of the high counter in the office, walked past me, still saying nothing, opened the door & went out onto the street & then told my boyfriend where the place we were looking for was. I was in shock, so I didn’t question what happened straight away, & later in the day, we all had a good laugh about it! But really it is pretty shocking behaviour …


I am 50 years old and i was riding my bike along the canal when my chain slipped off the front de railer (inwards) and got suck between the pedal cog and the frame. It was wedged tight and I struggled. A man about my age, maybe a few years older stopped to help, and I welcomed his help. Then a younger guy stopped and then another younger guy and because I had struggled with all my might and could not free it I welcomed the help and the random tools that appeared. What I embarassed me was the way the older gentlemen introduced me to one of the guys, barely out of his teens. He said “This young lady etc etc ” I winced at being called a young lady in front of a fella young enough to be my son and I said hesitantly and in a light spirit but with an agenda “Thank you but I am hardly a young lady” and smiled … to which he responded “well ok then, old lady!” .He seemed offended and he said it roughly. And I did not respond and directed my attention to the chain and bike. He then left as the younger guys were really getting stuck into and it was insanely jammed. I got to thinking… why can’t I just be a lady? or a woman? Why does my age have to come into a random encounter like that. I know he was trying to be nice… but its not nice to be called young… when you are not. Its diminishing and puts me in a position where I have to feign gratitude for the lie.. as if I need it to feel good about myself. The End


I’m a 15 years old greek girl,going to school, being a very good student with the hightest marks in my class and as normal I m going out with my friends sometimes in the mornings or in the evenings(but not too late because it is “too dangerous ” for young girls). I experience every day situations in the streets or in school or when I was on vocations with my mum and older sister. In school there are some boys who are telling over and over again about my boobs and how big they are. Before all this starts, I hadn’t understand that I have “so big boobs that everybody notices them and aren’t for them so normal”. And i hadnt.They were telling all the time about that and other kids in my class were listened those comments. Some other gils told them to stop and that wasn’t funny but they were laughing and told that it was kind of a compliment and I was not supposed to feel weird and akward. But I did. I was telling them to shut up and stop that every time. I m not the kind of a girl who doent speak and accept this sexistis society, instead I have a strong character and I can discuss with mature kids but if some silly gyes don’t understand and appreciate that I can hit them too.( I think that they are a little bit afraid of me because i am a fit girl and i have the esteem of our teachers haha) At some point they stopped. I don’t know if they were bored or something but they stopped. Situation like this one, you can handle but in the streets? With a 55 years old man? I should just shut up and keep walking? It’s like I don’t have a voice to defend my rights. But If this old man is drunk or has psychological problems and I speak? Aren’t I in danger? What should i do? Please if you can help me I would really appreciate that.