It’s me again. The same 8th grader who sexually harassed my friends in January was passing by my class one day. I was waiting outside with my friend. He recognized us and started to just scream in our faces. Then, as he was leaving, he said, “F*ck you” I yelled it back cause I was so angry and I didn’t want to take anymore of his harassment. But he just cussed me out all the way to his class. The next day, during our snack break, he kept flipping us off and cussing us out. This wasn’t too bad, but the thing that happened after school scared me a little bit.
I was walking down the hall and I saw him and I looked at him. (It’s kinda hard NOT to look at the guy who is the tallest kid in your school and has sexually harassed your friends.) He looked at me and shouted, “What?! Why do you keep look at me, n*gga?!” And then when he was talking to his friend he said, “This dumbass b*tch has something against me.” I ran away but I wanted so badly to yell how he has harassed so many people to a point that it is disgusting!