Man flu when men come down with an ailment that women would shrug off and get on with life. Ok so why when men are reluctant to go to a doctor do the women say this is equally stupid. I have yet to hear a feminist complain that women have a longer life span. Breast cancer is rightly taken very seriously and woe betide any man who sniggers at the mere mention of breasts. Alternatively Testicular cancer is a well known cause of sniggering amongst women opften in the media . . . “oooh he said balls!” So onone hand men are to be sniggered at for taking their health more seriously but wimps for getting ill and dying earlier. mmmn!


I live at home with my sister and parents and attend the local community college. My older sister recently graduated from university and is now back home while she looks for a job. Every single day, she makes a sexual remark to me. For example, she will look at my body and make a comment. “Your ass is so small.” “I want to take a picture of your ass.” “Your thighs are skinny.” She will also make comments about my choice of clothing. “Are you wearing underwear?” “Are you wearing a bra?” “That shirt shows off a lot of skin.” “Those leggings are inappropriate.” The list goes on and on. What bothers me is that this is my sister, she’s only a year older than me, wears mostly the same thing i wear, and just graduated from a very liberal, “progressive” university that prides itself on teaching people about these kinds of issues. She acts like she is so open minded, progressive, and “aware”, yet she perpetrates her sexual harassment on a daily basis. She is a woman, criticizing me for being a woman, and shaming me for wearing women’s clothing. I don’t even know where to begin processing this.


My husband and I were at a video game themed bar. Husband wanted to know about a drink on the menu with bourbon and lots of other “manly” ingredients. The waiter sang the drink’s praises and said it was the best drink on the menu. He sold it so well, I told him I’d order that too. His entire demeanor changed instantly. “Now this is a *strong* drink…” “Not everyone has a taste for it…” Blah blah blah. I was pissed, because I could tell exactly what he was doing. I just smiled and told him I knew I would like it. To be honest, I just hadn’t seen the drink on the menu before my husband asked about it and the ingredients were right up my alley. I tried to explain to my husband the overt sexism but at first he told me perhaps I was just reading into it. That’s the most frustrating part of these sorts of “minor” things. People don’t notice and can’t understand how being treated that way would feel vaguely threatening or at least alienating if they were in your shoes. He did eventually come around the more he thought about it though. In the past, at the same bar, I’ve asked if they have light beer, as in, I wanted to know if my choice would be Bud Light or some other brand, but had the waiter interpret that as girly-tasting beer like fruit beer. The funniest part is, my husband hated the drink and I loved it so much, I finished his for him too. It was a total “old man in his study smoking a pipe” drink, like sipping a mouthful of cigars. My husband likes drinks lighter and sweeter, the kind people like that waiter expect girls to order. I’m not even sure why he ordered that one in the first place.

Clare Mosko

My mother got an email from a friend at our church who was looking for someone to help move some boxes and furniture from a storage unit. The women asked if perhaps my younger 17 year old brother and one of his buddies wanted to take on the job for $10/hour. My brother was not interested but I, a fit 20 year old woman home for summer from college, was. I thought a male friend and I would be fit for the job so I responded to her saying a friend and I were up to the job. I promptly received a response declining my offer citing that: “this is more than boxes. It’s very heavy furniture. Thanks for the offer though.” Insulted, I responded clarifying that my friend was a male and was quite strong. She responded saying she thought it was a “gal pal” of mine, but still was hesitant about letting us do the work. A couple days later she said she would rather hire professional movers. She would rather spend more money than entrust a young woman with some heavy lifting.


I was in the paper shop today, & when I was picking up a copy of our local paper for my mother, I happened to glance at the front page of The Sun, for my sins (the tabloids were next to the local papers). There was a picture of Kim Kardashian on the front cover, wearing a very low-cut dress & showing quite a bit of cleavage. There was a caption underneath saying something to the effect of ‘missing for 8 (?) days…Kim’s bra’. I took issue with this for several reasons. For a start, what business is it of anyone’s, least of all the ‘journalists’ that write for the gutter press, what Kim Kardashian wears?! I’ve never had that much time for her, but I still think it was bang out of order to write that about her, not to mention extremely hypocritical, bearing in mind what The Sun puts on the 3rd page of its newspaper, if you get my drift. If Kim Kardashian WANTS to wear low-cut dresses that show off her breasts- I repeat, HER BREASTS- then she should be able to do so without being shamed for it. That doesn’t just apply to her, that applies to all women- I get really annoyed when men ogle scantily clad women half- or more!- their age (sometimes with their wives sitting next to them, no less!), & when I voice my disapproval or call them out on their sexist & objectifying behaviour, I get the half-baked excuse that “if she’s dressed like that, she obviously wants people to look”, or that she deserves everything/all the attention she gets (I forget which) dressed like that. Bollocks to that! Women should be able to dress how they want without running the risk of being perved over by dirty old men or censured by their wives! I kid you not, this has happened- I’ve witnessed it! Anyway, I digress. The long & the short of it is that it’s no business of The Sun’s or anyone else’s whether Kim Kardashian wears a bra or not, or wears revealing clothes! Another issue I had with this is that it was on the front page next to an article about violence against women- how the killer of prostitute Becky Godden had been convicted- which I thought was in extremely bad taste. But then what else would you expect from The Sun?