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Heather Watson might be a Wimbledon mixed doubles champion, but sadly that doesn’t stop her from facing cruel comments about her looks. The 25-year-old lost a three-set match against German player Annika Beck at Wimbledon last year and was swiftly subjected to online abuse focusing on her weight and appearance. Now, almost one year on, she’s hit back at those who judged her. “Sometimes I wish I could look cute on court but you can’t, you’re just hustling and fighting and that’s the job we have and it shows that we’re strong and that sport isn’t just for boys,” she told the Radio Times. “And sport definitely isn’t about looking perfect.” JULIAN FINNEY VIA GETTY IMAGES Heather Watson Watson is a first class athlete. Last year, she became Britain’s first female Wimbledon mixed doubles champion since Jo Durie in 1987 – the last time a British woman had won Wimbledon singles was a decade before that in 1977 with Virginia Wade. Discussing the appearance-based expectations female tennis players (and women in general) face, she said: “We tennis girls are all fit and healthy but we’re on the court with no makeup, and sweaty – we aren’t celebrities who have people on hand to do makeup all the time. “I actually love wearing sports clothes, having my hair tied up in a bun, not wearing makeup and I think more girls should feel comfortable in their own skin and not have to cover themselves in makeup all the time.

Let’s Be kinder

There’s a new trend of video on you tube called “makeup deception” where they show a young woman plain faced and then full faced very good, with professionally applied makeup – before and after. Why the hell is it deception? Basically saying it’s dishonest and unfair to men to pretend to be prettier than you are? You literally can’t win with the make up thing. If you don’t wear it you aren’t making an effort or are a prude or hate men or a chav skank. If you do wear it you’re a tart or desperate Now if you wear it incredibly well you’re being deliberately dishonest to the poor male victim? Implying he was only interested in talking to you because he thought you had model looks? But now look what he’s stuck with? Patronising to most men who are being let down by a very loud laddish minority. “Makeup Deception”. Warning the lad boys that women are false. Be they don’t have “tie deception” for smartly dressed men.


This is one of those niggling little examples of sexism. That constant drip-drip-drip of of casual sexism dressed up as ‘humour’ or ‘light-heartedness’ that really gets under the skin…. Sky News today reported on the newly-built HMS Elizabeth leaving a shipyard in Scotland and heading into the open water. Because of the vast size of the ship, there was only 14 inches free space either side of the ship as it passed through a gap. Kay Burleigh commented “They probably need a woman to navigate it”. This is so insulting to all the sons and husbands out there who are perfectly capable of navigating a huge ship – including MY youngest son who is currently serving a a first officer on a container ship. There is absolutely NOTHING to suggest that a woman can navigate better than a man, or vice versa. This kind of casual ‘humorous’ sexism MUST stop!!

Sexist telegraph

“Sex is good for the heart say scientists – but only if you’re a man” Thanks daily telegraph front page, more junk science to discourage girls from science and sex It’s crap like that that stops girls continuing with science classes. I mean why bother doing science if your instinct keeps telling you the stuff “scientists” say is such obvious nonsense? We had crap like this spouted at us all the time at school. We need more real scientists to shoot it down. Pretty sure you won’t stop women having sex though…


First of all, look out for those inherently/ subconsciously sexist people, who proclaim vigorously that rape culture does not exist, despite there being an environment where women are objectified and have their traumatic experiences viewed with indifference. Secondly, don’t worry; sexists will be punished due to karma under God, no matter what the Bible states. God is fair toward everyone and there will be justice. Moreover, always speak up whenever you receive any sort of sexist remark; don’t let it normalize any further, and please try to re-educate those who are sexist.

Sexist telegraph

The daily telegraph has two nasty stabs at feminists today alone Apparently feminists are confusing children with their “gender awareness ideology” according to some woman who hates feminists and is plugging her book. “Feminists” are to blame for gender neutral toilets and teaching that some people are trans ! Erm thought LGBT usually involves more gays than specifically feminists (although we are supportive) but if they’d said gays they’d have risked being called homophobic… Gender neutral toilets can decrease same gender bullying so they are a great option but the telegraph just hates feminists. The telegraph seems a whisker away from the old trope of “all feminists are lesbians really” Because real women are straight and totally don’t mind men being in charge /sarcasm And no I don’t buy it that having an extra loo is going to confuse children. The other is how sewing skills are declining because “feminists” are stopping schoolgirls from sewing by shaming them… you couldn’t make it up…. where the freak is the evidence for that? No mention of boys sewing .


Girls are told what to wear when to wear it and everyone’s option on it, log I want to wear a short skirt or just shorts I can see the eyes on me not even all of them are boys my age (I’m 14) some are older some are younger and it’s very uncomfortable when they fell they need to comment on me and friends body they like they can just comment on the size of out breast or bums or how we’re wearing a slutty outfit it’s just 😐

J Bailey

in my local residents association newsletter, they have published a joke about locking a “wife” in a car boot, as well as a dog and then opening the boot and seeing which one is pleased to see you. I’ve seen this sexist “joke” on social media. I can’t believe that it’s been published in a newletter. I can only conclude that this indicates that the residents association is run by a sexist generation.


I am cat called in class, at school, in shopping areas, the streets and well everywhere. however the same boys who are cat calling me are also cat calling me on social media and asking for pictures and when I say no the say that it was all a joke and that i am flat assed and chested or they say i am an attention seeking slut but the next day the cat call me and ‘bump’ into my ass and slap it at times . it does not only make me feel uncomfortable but a bit unsafe.


A friend of my boyfriend had to give him a complement in the yearbook. “T. is a great cyclist, he takes the wheel like no one else and he takes Ellen from behind. He is a very good guy because we haven’t seen him French kissing with Ellen yet. Guess I’m a bike now