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I was dating a guy I met online, he is from North America and I’m orginally from South America. He had ways of approaching that at times were sexists and inappropriate, but always covered by some sort of “dark humor”, so I didn’t pay much attention to it, also since they were almost always within certain sexual or flirtatious context I convince myself to don’t take them so seriously. But now we stopped seeing each other about 6 months ago, occasionally chatting over internet, and last night in the middle of a normal conversation over internet, he said to me “you’d look hot with a dress showing off that full latina bum”. I felt so small, so insignificant, just reduced to a stereotype that does not belong to me. Such a small phrase made me rethink and review the months we were together. I’ve fight against the macho culture, all my life. But I never felt objectify by someone I was actually dating. And now I feel guilty and as it is my fault for allowing him to treat me that way from the very begging.


On several occasions, cis guys have sent me dick pics on social media without asking for and getting my consent first. Sometimes after flirting, sometimes after a bit of smalltalk, sometimes as their very first message even.


I expressed distress to a close male figure about a joke I heard. It was making fun of extreme feminists and suggesting the rape of all women when the population is at stake, but I was told it’s just dark humour and that’s it’s not for everyone. He himself thought it was funny–since I didn’t want to be whiny I said I respected his perspective, even though it hurt to hear it from him especially.


Just some small things, like my dad telling jokingly telling me to let my brother sit in front because “we’re in Saudi Arabia” even though we live in Delaware, saying that cleaning and cooking is a women’s job. My brother is autistic and doesn’t realize that this is wrong, so he copies the behaviors, but I understand that he doesn’t know anything different. I have been brought up with the idea that my appearance is more important than my achievements, and my parents always focus on my looks but then focus on my brothers achievements, I’ve never understood that because I’m the top in my class, skipped a grade, and was offered to skip two more when I was younger ( I declined because I was scared of getting bullied). I’m going into 9th grade I’m 13 years old and taking all honors classes,11th grade math and 10th grade Spanish


I was looking for a vintage camera on eBay. I found a seller listing the model I was looking for so sent them a message asking how clear the viewfinder is. He responded by sending a photo of the camera and his penis. He pretended that he didn’t know he’d done it and ridiculed me when I confronted him.


when i was about 17 i received a snapchat message from a guy i didn’t know. he was friendly at first so i responded. the conversation took a quick turn when he asked me to send nudes. i said no, to which he then decided to send me an unsolicited dick pic and said, “you know you like this.” and proceeded to describe in great detail what he wanted to do to me, despite my disinterest. i remember at the time thinking it was kind of a compliment, and that at least he found me attractive so i shouldn’t be so upset. it took me so long to realize i had been sexually harassed.


When I play video games with my guy friends, they all assume I’m bad or that girls are bad at video games.

Grace Adams

I was only 11 when I first found out what ‘normal’is. I thought that sexism was only for the Victorian era with people in tight corsets. I was participating in a school holiday basketball camp when two older boys began to sing about rape. I was shielded from these things until then, and it puzzled me. I moved on. Only for it to happen again when I got my first phone, around twelve. I got texts flooding in from all different men asking if I was ‘horny’or commenting on my ‘rack’I asked one of my friends about it, and he explained what each and every word meant. On that same day, a teacher looked at me, and a friend of mine and commented on ‘what a nice threesome that would be’I I was always an innocent child. But now I’m terrified to leave the house. I don’t want to be raped.


I honestly hate how women and men are shown in certain ads on the t.v., Women are mostly advertising for washing powders, clothes etc. And men are advertising about finance, jobs, hotels, etc. Also, the stereotypical roles used in almost every bollywood film annoy me A LOT! The men are depicted as superheroes, and women are shown as a bunch of vulnerable, make-up addicted idiots. This sparks insecurities in both men and women. Men feel the need to be strong and have muscles, while women feel the need to be beautiful or thin. And one more point…What do u imagine when you read ;girly girl’? a girl wearing dress or makeup? why is being feminine or girly thought of as being small and delicate? And why is being masculine thousht of as being strong? And i won’t stop till tomorrow if start about discriminating women who are on their periods. So, i am not gonna start…But sexism is completely unacceptable and everyone should stamnd up against it instead of just ignoring it!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE! Many people think that they alone can’t change this world, what we don’t understand is that it is us who shape the world! WE ALL SHAPE THE WORLD! So, if u want this world to be sexism-free, first u chanhge ur mentality. then help others to.


Firstly, I think it’s so wonderful that this project exists. Thank you. Secondly, I can not possibly remember the countless times I have been sexually harrassed in my life, but I tried to tick all locations that I remembered something like this happening. I just wanted to share my newest approach in dealing with sexist men: Whenever a guy tries to objectify me by staring at me with an open mouth, cat calling me etc., I simply try to emit the same disgusting, masculine, and aggressive energy that they do. I do that by asking them things like “You want me to finger you pink tight asshole?”, making a jerking-off motion or grabbing my own tits. I feel like this in their minds lifts me up from being a passive woman to another “alpha” they have to compete with. I also like to think that it’s nice to show them that we are sexual beings too and can be a 100% in charge of our sexuality (femininity≠submissiveness). Plus it’s super fun seeing their idiotic faces switching from horny to absolutely disgusted in a split second. I love you all, stay strong and own your bodies <3