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I was hanging out with some friends and a criminal attorney we had met the night before. This man is very involved in justice cases and getting people off death row by proving their innocence. He made a comment about how someone commenting on my hips the night before was uncalled for. I agreed it was a little much, but the comment was at least done softly and not the worst of things I’ve heard from strangers about my body. Then this lawyer is about to show us a Youtube video documenting a bunch of his work. He leans into me and tells me, “Prepare to get moist.” I called him out on it later and he apologized. I told him it was surprising given his history and his apologetic behavior for someone else’s offensive actions.


I was only 16 when after a yoga class by mistake i took a wrong bus and to make a shortcut had to use a deserted underground to cross the motorway. i was listening to music on my headphones and as i approached the underground i saw i girl walking up the stairs with a shaken up look on her face, but i didn’t pay much attention to it. soon i realized what hat frightened the girl so much. as i descended down the stairs i was a tall, strong-built man with massive erection an a creepy look on his face, i turn of my music, and pretended i was talking on the phone ( i thought he wouldn’t approach me then, but i was wrong). without paying any mind to him i proceeded to walk past him when i heard a disgusting voice yelling “hay”, yet again i ignored him, so he said ” want me to fuck you? or you’re too scared it will hurt? ” i looked that man straight in the eyes and said ” no thanks” while i was trying to come up with ways i could defend myself against this huge man. he was shocked for a second so i took it as my queue to leave so i ran. Once i was on the street i got in the other bus and sighed with relief. However, my peace was short lived. The particular bus i took always got very crowded and stuffy, so when i felt a man press into my back i yet ignored it, though it was an accident but as i felt a warm and hard ” something” being not only pressed but basically humped into my ass i knew it was no accident. It was just a pervy old man with a moral of a stone. I was honestly shocked, thought that a universe was testing me and froze up, tried to move away but that bastard was persistent,so i elbowed him in the stomach and he backed off. I knew i had the right to scream at him or slap him and make a scene of any other kind, however, my twisted mentality took over and i didn’t say a single thing, afraid that i might make people on the bus uncomfortable. when i told my mum what happened she said to me ” well it sucks but what can we do, just make a scene next time and DO NOT use that underground, that place is known for perverts looming around”.

Emily S.

I went to the grocery store earlier today. I was alone. I was in the bread aisle looking for some rye, when a man said “You’re a really pretty girl.” I said “thank you” and continued my search for bread. He stepped closer and said, again, “I mean a really, really beautiful little girl….young woman, I mean.” He then asked me if I was married, what my name was, how old I was and where I lived. I said I wasn’t married, lied about my name and where I lived as to be safe, and told him my age. He told me he had two daughters and a couple granddaughters, and told me that he spoils them. He then proceeded to say (in an uncomfortably sexual way), that if I was living with him he’d be sure to “keep me spoiled”, too. He said he was a 69 year old man and that he “never does this”, but he saw me and just “had to” tell me how “beautiful of a girl” I am, “a truly cute little girl”. It was honestly so disgusting and he even became touchy, patting me on the back and half-hugging me. The rest of the time I spent at the grocery was filled with anxiety and I was constantly on watch to make sure he wasn’t following me/wouldn’t follow me home.


Some four years ago, I was going to Tuscany to pay a visit to a dear friend of mine. It was the beginning of September and the weather was still very hot. It was 4 pm, I had just spent the last four hours and a half on a train and I was sweaty and a bit tired. I was wearing shorts and a light top, my usual outfit for summertime. I remember I was waiting for my friend outside of the railway station, sitting on my trolley. It was a very nice day, there were loads of people walking past me and I was feeling happy at the idea of seeing my friend again after such a long time. I noticed an old man who was definitely more than 80 years old; he had a walking stick and looked very fragile. He had a friendly and nice look. He saw me sitting on my trolley by myself, so he decided that I needed some company. “It’s hot today, isn’t it?” he asked. “Indeed”, I replied with a smile. He started with small talk, describing the weather and talking about summertime in Arezzo. Being a polite person, I listened to him and replied in order to maintain the conversation on a friendly level. He looked almost cute, just like any other grandad. “What is a pretty young lady like you doing here all alone?” he asked. “I’m waiting for a friend”, I answered. It sounded like an innocent compliment and I appreciated it. “Ahhh, your boyfriend?” he asked again. “No, he’s just a friend”. I took my phone and texted my friend: “A cute old man has just welcomed me to Arezzo with his adorable Tuscan accent!” However, my appreciation didn’t last. The old man started to come too close to me. I began to feel a little bit uncomfortable. I told myself that I was acting silly; he was old, hence innocent and harmless. My uncomfort kept growing, until I just shut my mouth. I didn’t know how to react: was that man trying to flirt with me or is it just me being paranoid?! I got the answer straight away: he was not only trying to flirt with me, he was trying to touch me. He was basically right in front of me, something like 30 centimetres away from my face. I froze and I decided that I would stare at the phone screen in order not to give him a reason to go further. His voice changed. It lowered and it became really weird, as if he were getting sexually excited. I shiver every time I recollect this memory. I heard him murmur something like: “Such a pretty girl… But she won’t look at me! Why isn’t this pretty girl looking at me? Very pretty…” His leg was now brushing against my knee. I didn’t have the courage to look at him. I was paralysed and ashamed because I couldn’t believe that I, a 19-year-old girl, was being molested by a 80-year-old man. Fortunately, after half a couple of minutes of shock and disbelief, I heard my friend’s voice calling my name. His voice took me out of that powerless state and brought me back to myself. I got up and ran towards him, leaving the slobbery old man by himself.


It was my dad’s birthday so my mum and I were treating him to breakfast at a restaurant. While we were standing in the line, we met an elderly couple; it turned out that it was the husband’s birthday today also. We chatted with them for a bit, payed for our food and then found a table. A few minutes later, the couple asked to sit with us. My parents said yes and for the next hour or so, we talked away with them while we finished our food. Eventually, we excused ourselves and said goodbye to the couple. I was happy just to smile and say goodbye or shake hands with them (like my parents had) but instead, the man got off his seat and came towards me, kissing me on the cheek. He didn’t do this to anybody else sitting at the table and his wife seemed a little embarrassed about it. I was angry and a little stunned. I hadn’t seen it coming at all. Afterwards, when I talked about it with my parents, they said I was ‘overreacting’ and that it was just a ‘generation thing’. They basically thought this was just typical ‘old man behaviour’ – almost like it was okay and acceptable. I found it disgusting and extremely patronising – what right had he to do that to me? It was so inappropriate. :/