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I’ve noticed, in the run-up to the US Presidential Election, that male politicians are always known by their last name but Mrs Clinton is apparently not important enough to have one. The number of times I’ve heard the phrase “Trump or Hillary” is enough to know that, and Obama is always Obama. Before anyone suggests it’s to distinguish her from her husband, Bush was still Bush even though his father was president not long before. I’ve also seen a few debates about what a president’s husband should be called. Why is this an issue? If a president’s wife is the First Lady then why shouldn’t her husband be the First Gentleman?


I had a conversation with one of my dad’s friends about politics. After I told him I was a liberal, he asked me if I was a feminist. I answered yes, and he shook his head and told my dad I’m a mess… like being a feminist was bad or something.


So I’m a 17-year-old blonde, blue-eyed woman who aspires to gain a political foothold in the UK parliamentary system. On a school trip to a relatively local University; Lincoln I experienced sexism from a tutor and former student. Myself and fellow students (most of which happened to be women) with-in my group were questioned on possible subject choices as this was an open day. One chose Drama and Theatre. The second chose Biochemistry (a man). The third chose Biology. The fourth chose Art and Design. Then it came to me; I decided on History and Politics. The tutor’s facial expression changed immediately and interrogated me on predicted grades, my reasoning and whether I believed I was capable. For the record, I’m predicted AAB at A-Level. However, when it came to a fellow student (a man) who also wanted to study Politics, he received no such treatment or interrogation. There was no justification needed. I definitely won’t be going to that University.

Regarding the new UK Prime Minister

This isn’t a personal story but after the recent news that Andrea Leadsom has dropped out of the race to become the next leader of the Conservative Party (and as a result PM of UK) Theresa May has now been declared to become the Next Prime Minister. I am so angry at the sexism of the BBC reporters whose recent articles introducing our new PM are so irrelevant. This is the BBC here. One article entitled “Theresa May: Seven notable things about the UK’s next Prime Minister” includes such ridiculous info. The seven things were: -she is an Orphan -she is notes for her choice of footwear -she has diabetes -How she met her husband -she us the longest seven home secretary – she didn’t make the list of top influential women -she enjoys crispy chips It might seem like a joke but it’s ridiculous and immature to report such nonsense about the next PM these similar themes occur in her ‘profile’ article also which I compared to Cameron ‘ s from 2010. No comments on fashion and less on partners and a lot more positive praise. The BBC do have other more serious articles on Theresa May but what the average person takes away from this article is demeaning. It focuses elsewhere on her lack of children and cooking hobbies! I don’t see the strong leading woman I know she is but instead a piece of writing that makes her seem weak, not influential, and a woman stereotypically associated with cooking and fashion and possibly disrespect for the absence of a mothering role she is supposed to have like all women! Stop! Who cares if she has no children or she likes chips. The media had more respect for Cameron when he began the job and the only difference I can see in how there backgrounds are portrayed is that she is a women which somehow makes relevant political info less important.