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Heather Watson might be a Wimbledon mixed doubles champion, but sadly that doesn’t stop her from facing cruel comments about her looks. The 25-year-old lost a three-set match against German player Annika Beck at Wimbledon last year and was swiftly subjected to online abuse focusing on her weight and appearance. Now, almost one year on, she’s hit back at those who judged her. “Sometimes I wish I could look cute on court but you can’t, you’re just hustling and fighting and that’s the job we have and it shows that we’re strong and that sport isn’t just for boys,” she told the Radio Times. “And sport definitely isn’t about looking perfect.” JULIAN FINNEY VIA GETTY IMAGES Heather Watson Watson is a first class athlete. Last year, she became Britain’s first female Wimbledon mixed doubles champion since Jo Durie in 1987 – the last time a British woman had won Wimbledon singles was a decade before that in 1977 with Virginia Wade. Discussing the appearance-based expectations female tennis players (and women in general) face, she said: “We tennis girls are all fit and healthy but we’re on the court with no makeup, and sweaty – we aren’t celebrities who have people on hand to do makeup all the time. “I actually love wearing sports clothes, having my hair tied up in a bun, not wearing makeup and I think more girls should feel comfortable in their own skin and not have to cover themselves in makeup all the time.


I accompanied my half Chines wife to get her passport photo taken. I was standing in the shop behind the male photographer silent. He paused just before he took the picture and turned around to ask me if it was for an English passport. Because how could my wife possible know?!?

Park Prick

My mom, bro, niece, and I were walking on the Rail-Trail (an old train track that is now a long trail that stretches through the state). My niece is 4 so her and I were walking slower about 15 ft behind my mom and bro. Out of the blue this man comes up and yells “Excuse me sir! Do you know what railroad this used to be?” I turned and the only guy around was my brother. I answered the man but he looked right by me and waited for my brother to respond. Rude.


Walking home at night when a man shouts “hello” – feeling startled I say “hi”. He moved closer and asks me my name but I pick up my pace and ignore him. His group of male friends then step closer to me and shout “up yourself much, queen of the cunts” And then laugh as I speed up even more.


Been in the city for about 7 years, first in college and now living in a flat. Almost every year something happens on the street or public transport; usually much older men trying to touch me on the bus or block my way on the street and try to stop me getting passed. Once a guy I was seeing tried to get me into a threesome with his other, female friend. Neither of them were interested in consent. it was a few years ago and it still haunts me. My mother said it was my fault for having sex with someone casually. few weeks ago current boyfriend said he felt like I was trying to control him with sex because i wanted him to get in the pool with me and i said id make out with him later if he did,he know of the things that have happened to me and he also said he doesnt like my weight- how is that rational thinking considering he knows my past and doesn’t like my body apparently. female relatives also expressed vast relief when the weight went down- like id become repulsive because bit of weight went on like it does for all sometimes. they were almost offended by me not being slim. it didn’t bother me when he put on weight for a bit. I dont like my body anymore, and i dont like being hyper-sexualised by so many people. I know my things are much less then others have suffered but they point to a society that doesnt realise how sexist it is.

Anya 25

We were in a manager’s meeting and I was one of only 2 females out of 9 people. When it came for a coffee break the MD looked at us and said “take orders for drinks and biccies, please ladies”. I couldn’t believe it. We are both more senior than at least 3 of the guys but we had yo go get the drinks like we were the most junior in the room.


Went to go purchase a new washer/dryer combo with my boyfriend for our new home. Salesman was very friendly, but when I would ask questions, he would answer them looking at my boyfriend. Never flat out ignored me, just directed the whole purchase process towards my boyfriend. At one point though, he made some comment, directly to my boyfriend, about women and doing laundry, about how we had to have everything perfect and we’re the only ones who know how to do laundry anyway since the man is off at work. He said that, laughing, facing my boyfriend. I was standing right next to him. My boyfriend kind of went silent and then just was like, um, we both do laundry. The salesman shut up. Kicker was, the credit card we were using to buy these appliances? Mine, in my name only. Sheesh.


More than 90 rapes are reported in India daily, according to the countries National Crime Records Bureau, though campaigners say the numbers are likely much higher.


I was just out running on a popular path in broad daylight. A man in a hoodie cycled past me on a bike and squeezed my bum. He was gone before I’d even processed what had happened. I burst into tears – of shock, and anger – and a kind older couple walked past and walked me home. I feel so sad and upset, and I’m nervous to go running again. I wish I’d reacted faster and knocked him off his bike! If it happens again I hope I do.