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The fact that it seems to be more of a travesty for a woman to accuse a man of sex crimes (especially if this man is famous or of high standing in the community, both of which are convenient things to hide behind, & it means that people are more likely to believe them than the accuser, & it also means that they can afford clever lawyers to help them weasel their way out of trouble) than it is for a man to commit a sex crime. Indeed, it seems that the media seems to go out of its way to make rape victims out to be liars with an ulterior motive (usually financial, malicious or publicity-seeking), focus on alleged false allegations, make out that victims are over-reacting & making mountains out of molehills & bewail the fact that the man’s ‘reputation/career’ is now ‘ruined/in tatters’ as a result of the allegations made against him. Little wonder then that rape myths prevail & that conviction rates are rubbish (although a conviction doesn’t necessarily stop people from saying that the accuser was making the whole thing up either, mind you, as the previous sentence shows) if the media is so biased.


Last week, a colleague (who has just applied to be a supervisor) made a joke about the young lady that recently started at work. The gist of it was about having sex in the customer toilets. When I pointed out that this wasn’t the kind of jokes a potential candidate for supervisor should be making, he said: “It would be consensual. She won’t be able to say no with my dick in her mouth”. Immediately afterwards he realised that he’d taken this too far and insisted it was only a joke. The worst part is that at least one other supervisor was there and said nothing. I had to corner him later to tell him that it was offensive and that he should talk to our colleague about this. I’m pretty certain he didn’t bother.


I was working at a day hospital that only has emergency clinics available after hours. We have the sexual assault clinic there. A patient came in and the nurse that was on call was taking longer than expected. Being a rape victim myself. I tried to give her space but support her. She sat in a room with a friend of hers. My partner (male) said to me “i bet they went out drinking last night”. This is exactly whats wrong with society. Rape culture. Labelling her and assuming she was drinking. Unbelievable.


I never saw it as rape, I don’t know if I do even now. I always kind of thought I wanted it to happen so it wasn’t. I was 17 and having my first house party. The boy who I was interested in (and would go on to be my boyfriend of three years) was coming. I had said to my friends that I wanted to sleep with him and had mentioned how I hoped tonight we would. After having drunk a lot of wine, I find myself laying next to him in bed chatting. I wake up later in the night knowing he had had sex with me while I had passed out. I didn’t see it as rape because I liked him, I wanted him to be my boyfriend. But then I was thinking today, what must have have been like. To have sex with someone that is completely unresponsive. Who wasn’t even awake to kiss you back. How could you enjoy that?


I was out with four guy friends. There was an older man at the bar who would not stop staring at me. At first I tried to ignore it, but it got to the point where he was fully turned around in his seat to get a clear, unflinching look at me. I looked directly at him and asked if I could help him. He turned his back to me. Sure enough, a couple minutes later, he was fully turned around again. This time I flipped him off. He did nothing but continue to stare in a scary, hungry way. It was at this point that one of my guy friends told me to stop because he didn’t want to have to deal with any trouble. Another told me I should be happy that I’m someone guys want to stare at. Thank you for invalidating my feelings, making it okay for a man to treat me like an object, and promoting rape culture. You guys are doing great things.