I was in seventh grade, and my class had a substitute teacher. During silent reading, our teacher would pick three or four random names out of a container to sit on the comfy chairs in the back (some armchairs). My name was picked and I stood up to sit down to read in the back of the room. While I stood up, the substitute teacher made a remark in front of the whole class that I only got picked because I was pretty (and other stuff about my body). I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and uncomfortable, not only because a 50-60 year old man said this to a teenager girl, but also because everyone in my class turned to stare at me while he was speaking, and I felt the weight of their eyes on me and my body. Luckily, I never saw the substitute teacher again, but for the next few months I was terrified that I would be put in a class with him. This incident made me feel so humiliated and self conscious that for years I tried to block out what he said and felt pain when I remembered it. Please speak up if something like this happens to someone you know. No one in my class did.


One day, in 8th grade I was sharing a desk with a couple of friends and a boy that I didn’t know. Out of no where the boy started talking to me he said “I will name all the flat things in the room, this desk and..” he didn’t finish but before I could say anything my friend told him how rude he was and how he should never talk to someone like that again. I now know what kind of people I should hang out with. You really know who your friends are in situations like this.


I’m only 15, but I’m only now realising how many really creepy experiences I’ve actually had, thinking they were normal. This might be specific to my age group and where I live, but I’ll say it anyway. I’ve been taught to feel embarrassed for saying no to guys, and always feel bad when I stop a guy from doing something they want to do, and they get mad, as if I owe it to them. At parties I see, way too often, a guy wanting to kiss or do something with a girl, and the girl saying no at LEAST 10 times before she eventually gives up. (I’ve only experienced guys do this, but I assume it could go both ways, I just never see a guy feeling shame or embarrassment for rejecting a girl.) And people seem to never give this a second thought, just shrugging it off, “they were drunk”. Then I feel dumb for whining about it. Hold people accountable please, it’s not just “boys will be boys” 🙁


A year ago, when I was thirteen, I was part of an advanced math class with students of different ages. I had noticed an older boy glancing at me throughout the year, but didn’t really think anything of it. One day, our class attended an assembly. While we were waiting outside the gym, we put our backpacks down against the wall and lined up. The boy stood behind me in line. I felt intimidated. He was very close to me. He then ‘tripped’ over one of the backpacks and caught himself by holding tightly onto my waist with both of his hands.He stayed there for several seconds too long, just holding onto my waist, and then went back to standing close behind me. I couldn’t move. I was frozen, shocked, and ashamed. Inside the gym, his friends all sat behind me whispering and laughing. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My being felt violated. How was grabbing my waist normal? I cried most nights afterwards, and in class, I avoided him as much as possible.In the halls, his friends smirked at me. I felt like nothing, like I didn’t matter and I was just a toy for dumb boys to play with. I wish I had told an adult about it. But, I was afraid no one would take me seriously and nothing would be done about it. He was an older student who all the teachers liked. It’s been a year and I still think and cry about it. I still shrivel up in disgust by the fact that he thought it was okay to touch me.


When I was 14 or so, a teacher made a joke about blondes / blonde women in front of the whole class when it was a blonde girl’s turn to clean the board and she did something wrong. We complained about this to our head teacher and the teacher who made the joke ended up convincing him all of us had made this story up because we didn’t like him as a teacher.

Kate L

This happened a while ago, only now do I think back at it with any significance. When I was in schooling I, along with many others, took the bus to and from school. Normally I’d keep to myself and everything would be fine. I was one of the last people on the bus, behind me were a group of boys getting off at a later stop just like me. Soon I heard them make remarks about my appearance, their ‘compliments’ seething with sarcasm. My short hair at the time seemed an unwomanly novelty to them so they entertained the hilarious nature of casually making sexual remarks at me as well as other females. Just before I got off my stop I felt someone kiss around my upper arm almost neck area. In comparison to other people’s experiences this is minor but it was an invasion of boundaries and creepy thing to do because of my gender and clearly general disposition. I had also experienced casual remarks and further ‘jokes’ about me throughout schooling but those are too many to list. I was 13.


When I was in middle school a few boys in my class were tlaking about masturbation. They were talking about how frequently they did it etc. Then one of the boys turned round to me and asked ‘do you also masturbate’ – I said yes. I could tell by his face that he was expecting me to say’ewwww noooo that’s gross’ because he seemed shocked. Him and his friends then told all the school about this and I got slut shamed for the whole year. The saddest part about this is that most of the bullying came from girls. None of the girls defended me and none of them admitted to also doing it. This was terrible because I has never had this taboo and for me men and women were always equal. It was after this that I realised that society was far behind in equality matters. I was never ashamed of my sexuality – and never will be. But it’s sad to see that all the other girls in my school were raised with an imposed or self-imposed taboo on female masturbation. This was back in 2011 – in France.


Just some small things, like my dad telling jokingly telling me to let my brother sit in front because “we’re in Saudi Arabia” even though we live in Delaware, saying that cleaning and cooking is a women’s job. My brother is autistic and doesn’t realize that this is wrong, so he copies the behaviors, but I understand that he doesn’t know anything different. I have been brought up with the idea that my appearance is more important than my achievements, and my parents always focus on my looks but then focus on my brothers achievements, I’ve never understood that because I’m the top in my class, skipped a grade, and was offered to skip two more when I was younger ( I declined because I was scared of getting bullied). I’m going into 9th grade I’m 13 years old and taking all honors classes,11th grade math and 10th grade Spanish


One day I was walking to college when I noticed a group of boys following closely behind. Familiar with how boys act together, I started to speed up to create some distance between myself and the group, but it didn’t help. I could hear them talking about me in exaggerated voices with the intent to intimidate me. They were making sexual comments about my body and how my bum looked. One boy said it was because of what I was wearing and that he wouldn’t be saying the things if I was wearing anything else. I was wearing loose joggers. One boy starting talking about what he would do to me and making explicit sexual remarks. I was in floods of tears on the phone to a friend. I felt like I was being followed and there were no shops nearby for me to escape into. I just had to keep walking and take it. People walking past turned a blind eye to what was happening. I felt stupid for being so upset because no one else thought what had happened was bad. I was told it’s just part of being a girl, which I refuse to accept. People told me I should have said something back to them, which is unrealistic and much easier said than done. I was so angry but felt as if no one understood me. I will always speak up about these experiences because they will not oppress me. I wish strength to all other women who have experienced issues similar to this.


this is really small but i was 12 and me and one of my male friends were having a small argument… he decided to get physical and I told him to stop it….and he replied “ok…i am leaving you only because you are a girl”. I continue to be judged by everyone,just because I am smart I get smart shamed very day and the other boys in our class who are smart do not it almost seemed that a girl who was intelligent was a nerd but a boy who was intelligent was cool and would elevate the name of their school