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I am 19 y. old and I am a Computer Science student in one of Ukrainian universities. Back to my school years’ end (2018) most girls were told that they should study languages and then major in them too. Embroidery was an obligatory lesson. Those, who didn’t cope with it really good or didn’t want to, were told things like: “A woman must do this”, “A woman must know how to knit clothes for her kids because it’s eco-friendly”. This lesson STILL EXISTS in every school! Then I secretly decided to enter CS at our local Polytechnic. None of our teachers was happy about it. My German teacher kept insisting I wouldn’t pass exams (What? But I have a gold medal at school for my studying). Another teacher said she was very disappointed because of me. I did my exams and am getting a scholarship now. It’s become a bit easier at uni but..I ecountered sexism from boys. And this doesn’t come from the best students but from the rest – the majority (I’m #3-4 in group rating and I’M NOT super skilled yet). First, they didn’t believe me that I had scholarship, while most don’t get. Then they started saying “You’re getting good marks 4 and 5 out of 5 only because you’re a girl”, “Females are stupid”- I was told this semester in autumn by a guy who is new here and couldn’t even solve simple equations. During my first 3 month at university a guy called me “Fucking bith” when I refused giving him my work and helping him. That happened during a practise class when a woman professor was in the room (it’s very small, for max. 16 people). Then he wanted to remind me of this the next day. I had good relationship with some people who then wanted to take my works too, so when refused, they call me bith, “You fucking MUST give me”. Another guy from my group asked me online directly without talking in person “Wanna date?” I said no. He responded “You’re angry because u never had a guy”. I also heard other things like what smb would do with me, etc. I was despised for not drinking alcohol or hanging out, or having a boyfriend, or not sharing my code. When I try to protect myself with words, I was tried to be grabbed while he said “You’re damn so small, how you dare, you can’t object to what we’re saying!” And yes, I’m only 157 cm.


In school, boys never let the girls play football with them. The only girls that are allowed to play are they boys’ girlfriends who are pretty and secretly wear tons of make-up.


I was 16 and just come out of a terribly abusive relationship. I was still recovering. I was on the bus home from school. A boy I’d known since primary school was sitting next to me. We weren’t talking, which seemed odd because he was usually friendly. All of a sudden he asked me “Are you still going out with Gabriel?” To which I replied no. He then said and I kid not ” You’re not? Come over then, wearing something else…” I didn’t reply. I was stunned. Here I was, just recovering from abuse when another boy objectifies me all over again! My thoughts about this event now are Why were you assuming a) I’d just obey you, no questions asked b) I was attracted to you. I wasn’t c) I wanted to dress to please. I didn’t d) I’d want to do sexual things with you. I wouldn’t and e) You had rights to my body????!!!! That’s what your comment implied. Another incident happened in my 20’s. I’m Christian and wanted to wait till marriage. That was my choice. I went to see a male gp about some tummy pain. A student doctor was with this gp. The student gp asked if I could be pregnant. I said no. He asked if I was sure. I said yes. He kept asking me if I was sure until I said Yes I’m sure because I’m a virgin! His response? “You’re too hot to be a virgin.” As if my hotness dictates when I lose my virginity. As if the idea that I was allowed to choose when I give of myself wasn’t a real thing or even allowed to be a real thing! As if my “hotness” was wasted because it wasnt being used to please a man. My body, my choice! And that comment was really unprofessional. These 2 are not the only times I’ve endured harassment and they are aside from much worse crimes I’ve endured, which I dont wish to disclose here. Thank you for reading.


We were only 16 at the time, but my friend and I were waiting at the bus stop at around half 5 in the summer – so it was very sunny; bright (we went to after school study groups) and we got cat called by these 20 years old odd men who were passing by in a car. It didn’t affect me at the time and I simply thought it was “just boys being stupid”, until I realised that this was actually the issue – we have been tuned to justify people’s actions by their age and gender and it’s kind of unfair


As a 11 year old girl selling lemonaid, a man drove up with his penis out and fully erect. As a 13 year old girl, surrounded by a dozen teenage boys who slaped my bottom and cornered me in an unfamiliar yard until I rang the doorbell of a stranger to get help At 13 witnessing my friend have her boyfriends penis shoved in her face because he wanted oral sex and she didn’t In high school having the nickname of the “The Ass” because I had a desirable bottom and a romour spreading that I was good in bed As a 20 year waitress having my bottom slapped by a male customer (he did get a piece of my mind) My husband who thinks it is ok to grope me any time he wants because my body is his.

I was in my tiny town with some friends and we were hanging out in the town square. We were in 7th grade and were chilling at eating ice cream at one of the tables. A group of 3-4 guys who were in 8th grade sat at the table BLASTING music and talking. Obviously , we left because thats annoying, and while we were walking away, one of them screamed ‘suck my ****!’ 🤭😬 by the time we went and sat back down, they were over by the community bathrooms because there was a park nearby. my friend had to go to the bathroom…of course. so my other friend went with her since we were so thrown off because of the previous comment. they come back to tell me the guys were banging on the door of the women’s bathroom and almost got in. 🙄 another time, someone hit on me.


I was in the first grade when we were standing in line waiting to go out to lunch. I was standing in front of a group of boys when out of nowhere one of them slaps my ass. I was so taken aback and felt extremely embarrassed but more than anything I felt immediate anger. I turned around and told him I would tell the teacher and he and his friends giggled. I raised my hand to tell the teacher which scared the crap out of the kid. However, when the teacher asked me what I needed I felt an embarrassment pass over me and overwhelming shame. The whole class was looking at me as the teacher stood in front of the line. I simply told her that the boy had “hit me” because I didn’t want to get in trouble and I didn’t want him to get in trouble. She simply told him to knock it off otherwise he would be sent to the principles office, not knowing what had actually happened. Now I have no idea why I had felt any compassion for him. I wish I would’ve told the teacher the truth and more than anything I wish I wasn’t taught to be ashamed for being harassed. I’m not the one who should be ashamed.


I’m 22 and not really social. Nevertheless, three random boys managed to smack my butt as far as I can remember. It happened in school, at the street, and on AnimeCon. And, I didn’t even once tried to say something or show them and people around that something wrong happened. I just fled, ignoring the situation. So, my point is don’t flee from sexism, fight it. Fleeing won’t work if we want this world to be less sexist.


I was 9 at a school event. This was my first experience with sexual harassment that I can remember. We were in the room for the Frozen sing-a-long (this was 2014). He was sitting behind me. He started using these cheesey pick up lines on me. I told him it annoyed me. I told him to stop. He didn’t. I continued to tell him to stop. He didn’t. Eventually, I told him I would punch him if he said one more word. He found a loophole. He told his friend what to say to me. I kept telling him to stop. He didn’t listen. Later I found out that he did that to every girl in class. Every. Girl. He hit on every girl and didn’t listen when every girl told him no. We were 9 and 10. Sexism is taught at too young an age.


I was having lunch with a friend of mine (who is a boy) and a bunch of girls come in making fun of us saying things like “how are the two love birds?” And just generally being rude. It went too far when one of these girls said “Shouldn’t you two be making out on a bench?” It really pisses me off that some people think girls and boys can’t be just friends. The worst part is that there were plenty of people around and no one stood up for us. I know others have faced so much worse but I really needed to get this out.