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Okay, so as you grow older you kinda learn to expect men to look down on you as a women, so it comes as a real shock when a fellow WOMAN looks down on you. So, here goes, I was at McDonalds with my dad and we had been waiting for a long time for our meal, after a while my dad sent me up to go and see where it was. As we ordered online, I didn’t have a receipt in my hand so I wasn’t really shocked that the woman didn’t believe me, and looked really sceptical at my story. She didn’t seem to want to listen to me, paying me little respect and acting like I didn’t really exist. After a while of persistently explaining my story to her she came over to where my dad was sitting and she was paying him more respect than me. She called him sir and was apologising for the mistake. She tried to make it up to him as best as she could, so my question is why didn’t she pay me the same respects? Why is it that women can’t seem to respect other woman as much as they respect men? It’s sexist and rude.


I worked at a theme park over the school holidays where i would operate water slides, make sure people are safe etc. Everyday there would be guys brushing my arms or legs, who that made comments like ” sit on my lap baby, lets go down slide together” with many people there yet no one said anything . Im 16 and the people who made these comments well over 25. Every sitution where a customer wasnt satisfied or i had stopped them doing something that would be against the policy, they would just yell at me. Call me names loud enough for everyone to hear and I think all those men felt thretened that woman was telling them what to and what not to do. They would continue to yell until a male worker would come to talk to them, not a male worker thats the boss or the manager, just a male and only then would they calm down. This was the case with almost every female staff memeber at the park.

Sexism in School Sports

I’m a very active person and I love pe. But, every pe class, the guys won’t pass to the girls just because of our gender. It get’s really annoying because we’re as good as them, but even though I could have scored, they never pass to me. Instead, it’s as if we’re invisible or they can’t hear us when we call out to them telling them to pass. All my friends hate it too and so when we had an English project on a social justice issue, I chose to do my project on Sexism in Sports. Later, I found out another person was doing it and it was one of the guys my friends said was sexist. Hopefully, he chose it because he wants to change. If not… it’s time he learned to. Even though this seems like a small issue compared to sexual harassment and the gender pay gap, I hope in the future this doesn’t happen to school girls.

that feminist grl

my dad just called me a ranty feminist. whenever sexism comes up in conversations he tries to avoid it. when I asked what it was, he said – man hating. the word needs to get out that it isn’t. at school, girls still wear skirts and skorts – shorts that have a fabric part of it over the top to make it look like a skirt. the world needs to change.


Seen “tablets” on littlewoods called “man up pills” (they’re actually mint sweets) they’re advertised as a joke item, however the label has things on it like “tablets to be taking when acting like a big wuss!” and “caution; whole bottle may be inserted where the sun doesn’t shine by local nurse” and “pills may cause you to man up and stop embarrassing yourself!” plus “one tablet to be taken with every sniffle.” i have seen an awful lot of products like this in stores recently, such as when i was out shopping during the christmas period and seen a “man tin” for “man stuff like screwdrivers, hammers and beer” and another that said “sawdust is a man’s glitter” ETC. its irking when you’re just out (or shopping online) casually shopping. 😐


Today, I was watching an interior design programme which was following the lives of a small family who wanted to build their dream house. The mother of the family was going to be in charge of ensuring the builders were working efficiently and doing their work and she would also be lending a helping hand & her husband would be looking after the children whilst she worked on the house, I thought this was wonderful and she was doing a brilliant thing, unfortunately the presenter of the show thought otherwise as he constantly called her out for small issues, such as she may have mislaid a brick or measured inaccurately, he even went as far as to say ‘Perhaps she should’ve been the one looking after the children..like most women and let her husband do the work’ which I find disgusting. I went on the watch the following episode of this programme where the house was built, it was beautiful! Perfect in every way imaginable, unfortunately the presenter kept calling out the woman and laughing behind her back and being incredibly rude indeed! #EverydaySexism


My friend group consists of almost entirely girls, apart from one guy. He’s super nice, and we share common interests, but his male classmates and friends often ask him why the hell he hangs out with girls all the time. As if it’s unthinkable that a boy can hang out with girls. And as if there’s no point hanging out with girls when you can hang out with boys? Me and a couple people in my English class (All boys) were talking, and we got onto the topic of gender. Someone said that there were only two genders: Male and female. I disagreed. he started to argue back, when another person said: There are only two genders: Male and attack helicopter. Women are objects. It was a joke, but not a very funny one. I didn’t say anything. Kids need to be taught from a younger age that everyone, regardless of gender, can do what they wish to. Maybe there’d be less of this in my school.


My executive manager, sitting in a meeting, told me to ‘look’ him in his eyes and to ‘never to speak’ to my male team leader in the ‘tone’ I used. I was instructed to ‘show respect’ to my team leader, as he is promoting my skills behind the scenes, and I should be ‘grateful’. I was shocked and could feel tears welling up, however, I managed to hold it back (even though I think they could see it). I was angry and disappointed that I apologised like a meek little girl – even though I was belittled and disrespected by these two individuals. I’m the only female on my team with 15 years IT experience. I was under the impression that my work within my team and the compliments I was receiving from business owners, was due to the quality of output. My mistake was to assert myself in a moment I felt safe and respected and part of the boys club. It clearly made the two men very uncomfortable. I now rather keep to myself and continue with the friendly, smiling pleasantries and be the ‘little helper’ they expect and adore, even though they are my peers.


Thursday I tried to get Start Up Funding, but as soon as I went to use the slide show, I was mocked as if I didn’t “know” how to do a slide show, BEFORE I EVEN DID IT OR STARTED TALKING! Of course I knew – I had it even saved it to the desktop. Most of the room were males as well. That makes me wonder if it is because of my appearance. I don’t think they even knew what it would be about before, right? It also is about a website… and well, I feel sexism each day. From mechanics, to websites. If you notice, all the main websites I think were founded by males…