Roast queen

I went on trip to Alabama walked out of my hotel in sweatpants and a huge t-shirt only to have a guy turn to his friends and blatantly say: “damn she’s so sexy” I proceeded to make a big show out of walking in front of them and double taking at my outfit and then looking at them “I slept in this” (they already looked pretty startled that I approached them but I’m proud of myself for that sick comeback)


My husband and I were traveling abroad for work. When we’d reached India, we had to go through immigration and have our passports stamped. I was in front of my husband and went up to the officer who refused to acknowledge me. Instead, he asked to speak to my husband, as if I couldn’t speak for myself. I wonder if I was alone if I’d be allowed entry.


I was buying a plane ticket for spring break. Through purchasing and checkout, there were pictures of “air hostesses” with low-cut or tight clothing pictured on every page. The worst was a full body shot of a woman from behind, twisting around to face the camera. Her hand was so close to her mouth it looked like she was biting her thumb. But the picture was most definitely just a way to show her ass off. Three other pictures followed in a similar vein, but were from the waist up. I hated having to buy from Air Berlin, but I had limited options and was on a budget.


When I was about 20 I planned a solo backpacking trip to Vietnam. My parents (mainly my mum) talked me out of it, due to their fear that as a “slim, attractive” young woman I wouldn’t be safe unless accompanied by someone else. My mum spoke to literally everyone she could think of and got them to back up her argument. I had chosen Vietnam after researching how safe it was to travel as a solo female, but no argument I put forth mattered. I gave in and agreed to go on a trip somewhere else with my mum instead, as I felt guilty that they would be so worried about me if I were to go ahead with the trip. I am sure that if I were a boy they wouldn’t have felt the need to talk me out of travelling alone.