unwanted attention


When I was 18 I lived near a large German city. One summer day I spent going around town and since it was really hot weather, I wore a skirt that was about knee-length. I was in a book shop when this (older) guy asked me if I was of legal age (indicating that I looked young, I guess) and when I said I was, he asked me for coffee. I respectfully turned him down and he asked: Oh, but you are over 18, right? That encounter was strange, but not threatening. When I was going home, waiting on the platform, another guy stood close to me and sort of stared. I smiled, initially, before I realised he was lingering. So I moved to a different part of the platform and he followed me, raising his eyebrows at me like: Hi there!. So I left the platform and went back upstairs, missing my train and having to wait for the next one. I remember sitting on the train later, feeling disgusting for having worn a skirt on a hot summer day. I ran home from the station, adrenaline pumping.


My first ever job was as a waitress, aged 14 in a pub restaurant. I’ll never forget asking a table of middle-aged men what dessert they would like, and their reply “Which one would you like licked off of your body”. Aged 16 at a school prom. I kissed the boy who had been my date to the event. He proceeded to grope my breasts and didn’t stop despite my protests until his friend had to intervene. Also, at around 18, whilst on a night out… a guy I didn’t know put his hand up my skirt to pinch my bum.


One day, I get a random number txt explaining that he was a mechanic in the garage where I had taken my car and did I want to go for a drink with him. He said he got my number from the diary in the garage. I found it slightly inappropriate that he had taken down my personal details but I politely declined and explained that I was married. I thought that was the end of it. It wasn’t… A couple of days later I get a text back saying THIS!!! “phone did it again! I wrote “your” not “you” I realised straight away but I thought you would delete my number and that would be the end of it! So no need to explain. Corin,x if your happy then I will leave you in peace. But I see something missing in you and I asked for a sign to help me take the next step.weirdly I sent a message to my daughter on what’s app and I noticed your profile picture. It is animated but it looks some what like you….you look,slightly sad? You should be made to feel special !! Loved !! If I’m wrong then delete my number but please still,use the garage.You won’t see me I’m in the background, keeping myself to myself at work,I only popped my ugly head up to see you! If you are truly happy then so am I. Trust me I’m not a stalker.plus you know where I work.but if your not happy then only you can change that.you told me that you couldn’t have a drink with me because your married. Marriage isn’t a ball and chain.i was married for 17 year’s and I wors hipped t he ground my wife walked on.you should be treated like an angel.so that’s my speech, rant over now.i will send this message now,then check what my phone sent lol.if you have any problems don’t hesitate to contact me.i really wish you a happy and eventful life.your husband should make you feel special.if he does them delete my number. By all means keep it if I can help in anyway with anything then, I’m here.x” WTF!!! I obviously told him he was being inappropriate and asked him to stop harassing me, I blocked his number and changed my settings on WHATSAPP so he would have no access to. It’s made my skin crawl! What’s made it worse, is that the garage where he works in, is practically facing my house. Now, when out in my street and even sat at home, I feel uncomfortable. I don’t even like going out to the corner shop and park my car out of the way during the hours the garage is open. All to avoid seeing him! This whole thing has made me feel completely creeped and uncomfortable. It’s has violated an important part of my wellbeing… to feel safe in your home. I’m so angry and upset that this has made me feel this way. I wrote an email to the garage explaining that their employee has taken my personal details in order to harass one of their customers but never heard back.