When I was 18 I lived near a large German city. One summer day I spent going around town and since it was really hot weather, I wore a skirt that was about knee-length. I was in a book shop when this (older) guy asked me if I was of legal age (indicating that I looked young, I guess) and when I said I was, he asked me for coffee. I respectfully turned him down and he asked: Oh, but you are over 18, right? That encounter was strange, but not threatening. When I was going home, waiting on the platform, another guy stood close to me and sort of stared. I smiled, initially, before I realised he was lingering. So I moved to a different part of the platform and he followed me, raising his eyebrows at me like: Hi there!. So I left the platform and went back upstairs, missing my train and having to wait for the next one. I remember sitting on the train later, feeling disgusting for having worn a skirt on a hot summer day. I ran home from the station, adrenaline pumping.