I’m a high school senior. During a party at a friend’s house, I accidentally grabbed someone else’s cup and drank a huge gulp of alcohol. Afterwards, I became tired and sat down in my friend’s bedroom. I guess I fell asleep, as the next thing I knew, two guys from the football team were climbing on top of me and pulling my skirt down. I tried to resist, but one of them grabbed my arms and held them down. If I continued resisting, they said, with a laugh, they could easily snap my neck. For the next half hour or so, they took turns raping me. When they left to get their friends so “they could have a turn,” I stumbled out and went home.

The next morning, I decided to tell my counselor during lunch period what happened. But upon arriving to school, I found out that the guys told everyone that I came onto them at the party, and they “nailed me.” Several people called me a “drunken slut.” One of my teachers overheard and chuckled.

By lunch time, I was hoping to seek some solace in my counselor. But after telling him what happened, he kept asking me questions about how much I drank and what I wore. Then he insinuated that I consented but regretted it because I didn’t want to be called slutty. He told me that I should’ve known better and that attempting to tarnish the reputations of “two fine young men” is “morally reprehensible.” Then he sent me out of his office.