Every time I change my profile pic on a social website I get sexual comments from a guy I dated casually 25 years ago. “Show me your boobies” or “What are you wearing?” or “Send me some pics of you naked”. I’ve never responded to him (not since we were dating so many years ago) but silence isn’t a clear enough signal to send. My profile pics are nothing special and not the least bit sexy. I’m a 50 year old woman, and in my most recent pic I’m wearing a long-sleeved tshirt- no low cut top, nothing tight or even form fitting, thick material- not see through. How much less sexy could I be?!? And then I remember, it’s not about me or what I’m wearing. It’s about his assumptions that since I am a cishet female I should be available to him. It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing and it really shouldn’t. He’d probably send these creepy, unsolicited comments no matter what I have on.
Today, I messaged him back with the words, “______, please stop.” Does this treatment never stop no matter how old you get?!? I guess we’ll see how he takes a direct statement. His behavior is both gross (and sadly, at least in my generation) typical. SMH