It was the last day of school and my school band was playing a graduation song for the 8th graders (I am a 7th grader). During the announcements the band doesn’t play. So my band teacher allowed so the percussionists since we were already standing. So me and some boys went outside. Two boys one a 6th grader and a 7th grader I knew. They were stacking rocks and I was sprinkling sand. I sprinkled sand on their rock pile. The 7th grader told me to stop but I did it again. So he yelled “Stop or else I’ll rape you!” Time froze cause I thought he said “rake you.” But when he said “I hope no one heard that” I realized what he said. I threw sand at him and walked out. I reported him once I got home. But with little support my own twin sister didn’t want me to report because I was making to big a deal out of it. It was ridiculous. i decided not to get him in trouble with the law because I hope he just didn’t know how that word would affect me. But even now I suffer from these problems. A boy asks me inappropriate questions and one guy drew a penus on my worksheet. Someguy I considered a friend said my Steven Universe shirt was girly since I wore it. And boys on my bus slap their legs and moan like women during sex. it’s degrading and terrifying for me.