It was the first week of school and I wore a cute dress that had just bought. It was a denim dress with embroidered roses on it and it was off the shoulders. The length was about down to my knees and if covered my cleavage completely. I was stopped by a teacher before heading to homeroom because it was just way too inappropriate to have my shoulders out like that. I was then asked to cover up with a sweater, one in which i did not have because it was the beginning of September and 90 degrees, or change and if I didn’t there would be repercussions. The teacher then allowed me to grab clothes from my gym locker and then followed me to the bathroom where she waited outside until I came out changed. DRESS CODES ARE A VIOLATION OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND ARE PUBLICLY SHAMING WOMEN!!!! My shoulders are a normal part of my body. You should not teach girls their bodies are sexual or a diversion. Confidence should be rewarded not shunned. I am a 16 year old girl, if you are sexualizing me that’s YOUR problem not mine.