Starting high school I thought that maybe, just maybe I’d get to just be normal. Ever since my middle school years I guess you could say I’ve been harassed. In 7th grade I was getting on a bus for a school trip when a guy, I thought was my friend, decided to reach around the huge instrument I had in my hand at the time to grab my butt. My hand were full so I couldn’t really just drop everything and run but I wanted to. I tried to bring it up to him and ask him why but he denied everything I said. I even had like 2 eye witnesses and they only denied it too. I never felt more played in my life.

In 8th grade I thought that a boyfriend was suppose to love and care for you. I was told almost everyday how ugly I was by him but that since I had “huge boobs” that it shouldn’t matter and I should “learn to take a compliment.” I was only 14 years old, being told by my teachers when I would say something about they way I was treated that “boys with be boys.”

I had one on my male teachers come up to me and sit on my desk just to tell me that he saw me walking home earlier that morning. He wouldn’t leave me alone so I asked to leave the room. He wouldn’t let me leave the room. I thanked god that I only had to see him once a week. Cause every Friday it would just get creepier.

Only a year later at the age of 15 I love to run. So I’ll go around my block to just release some energy. I live by a busy street and I have GROWN MEN catcalling me. I’m only 15 years old wtf are they thinking. No matter where I’m walking I’ll have stupid college kids or full grown men yelling outside their windows at me. I know it’s at me cause I walk or run alone all the time. Just recently I was walking with two of my friends when some guy yelled out of his car. It really got to me when they said “every time we walk together over here we never get yelled at. (They are both female) I guess it’s just cause you’re here we did.” It’s really bothering me that since I have a bigger bust or a bigger butt that boys think it’s okay to harass me. It’s honestly sad that I refuse to walk or leave the house by myself because I’m scared walking down the street.