So this goes back a long way, and I’m sure there are more recent examples I could think up but this one bubbled up. I was in Standard Five, friends of our family were round for dinner. There son was in my class he took me around the corner and kissed me, didn’t ask if he could it was just a mouth invasion. Not terrible, but I am still not much of a kisser. I was sweet and naive and many of my girlfriends were hooking up with first boyfriends, so when I got to school the next day I told one of them that he had kissed me. That night my family were outside swimming and the phone rang. I dashed in to answer it. It was the kisser, he yelled at me: “How could you tell anyone what I did you’re ugly and I would never kiss you or hold your hand in public”. When I went back outside my dad asked me who had been on the phone. “Wrong number,” I said. The worst thing of it all was that I thought I had done something wrong. I’d like a few minutes with him some 40 or so years later.