Everyday at school, just because I write fast the boys say ‘It’s ’cause she’s a girl’ They expect too much sometimes, but also too little. When you get something wrong in maths they get such a shock and say ‘But you’re a girl?’ I don’t see how this effects anything. Why are boys so sexist when they are young? Even in drama they say things like, ‘You can play the damsel in distress because you look like someone who can’t protect yourself.’ And also, ‘You can write down the script, we’ll set up the stage.’ At some points boys just get impatient and shocked when a girl gets something right, but so angry when they don’t. I was about to kick a soccer ball to someone on the field when some guy told me, ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll do it, you don’t know how to kick it.’ So I kicked it, and it went straight into the goal. I smiled and said, ‘I did soccer when I was younger.’
‘But you do dancing.’ He replied. Stereotypical men I guess. I’ve said it over and over, I’ll play soccer and probably last, you do ballet, you’ll die from exhaustion. Saying things like ‘I’m a guy, I don’t do dancing, guys who do dancing are gay’

It’s just so stupid.