I started what I thought would be a career at an IT company. Male dominated industry. This great job was sold to me and I bought it. Upon meeting clients that I would be working with in the future, I met a man that was in charge of managing our products at a distributor. My boss introduced me to him, and as I turned around I saw this man sign ‘boobs’ and gave a thumbs up. I never wore low cut tops to work. That was my first impression of this man. Few months down the line, after many other incidents, this man is now my newly appointed boss. I am stern, and I am sure he is not happy with strong women. Every day at work is a new story. I was late a total of 5 mins due to traffic, where he called me in for a meeting and continued to reprimand me on my being late, accusing me of taking half days when I go out for client meetings, and even squeezed in “if you are going to have a pissing contest with your manager – the manager will always win.”

Every day I record my times in at the office on a calendar that he can see. Every day the male technicians arrive late (15-30mins) and my boss laughs it off. When I confronted him about why is it different from one person to the next he replied “that is not your issue to deal with.”