I was in third grade, and on the last day of school, my best friend, who was male, decided we should play Star Wars. This was already a little bit of a sacrifice, because I would have much rather played Harry Potter, but what really made me upset was that by saying, “Do you want to play Star Wars,” he really meant, “Do you want to watch my brother and me while we play Star Wars? You can’t play because you’re a girl and girls can’t fight.” Apparently


When I was eleven, in gym class we had to complete several “tests” to make up most of our grade for the quarter. One of them was a push-up test, and the teachers announced the requirements to get an A, B, and so forth. The girls had to do 15, and the boys had to do 30. This seemed so unfair, because even though many of the girls did just as many push-ups as the boys, the teachers only congradulated the boys who did the most.


I am not that old myself but I have been noticing sexism at an early age. When I go to school boys will push my head down and say “deep throat” or push my head down to their lap. It’s a very uncomfortable situation for me when they do that. I usually slap them or say stop it but it doesn’t work- they keep doing it. After I walk away they yell out mean names to me and start laughing.

Haylie Stephens

im young….. like very young and already i see the world as it is more then any adult ik. i see the fact that sexism is looked as not there when reallly we have just gotten used to it. For example the dress code at my high school is mainly just for girls and the only reason why is because we might distract the boys…. that crap….. are we really sexualized that much to the point that if i show my shoulder i could distract a fellow class mate like what


A freind and I were sitting in Social Science class working on a Social Science Project together. The project was about the Constitution. This guy named Jack walks up and says “Con means bad so The Constitution is bad, Pro means good so Prostitution is good.” I looked at him and then kept talking to my freind. Another guy who was walking past sits down and jokes that “He heard Prostitution so he was interested.” Jack, upon hearing this turns to him and says “Give me 20 bucks and she’ll do it” pointing at my freind. My freind didn’t here him and she kept on working but I hit Jack over the head with a book. He didn’t see what he had done to deserve that.


My father sometimes thinks that it’s more important for me to do chores than my homework while my brothers play video games, mind me that they’re both older than me and I’m an honor roll student. He expects me to take out the trash in the middle of the night while my incompetent brothers play video games and they’re always a priority for him;

I don’t have a name

Well I haven’t told this to anyone but now while I’m typing this I know hundreds of people will see this. But when I was 12 I was sexually assaulted by my volleyball coach (he was in his late 60’s), I had just started wearing a bra and I had just gotten my first period a month before the incident. I had been asking him for a new uniform for a while cause mine had holes in it so one day he called me into his office I thought he was finally going to give me my new uniform he sat me next to him and started kissing my cheek and groping my breasts I was speechless, my body froze he started kissing me on my mouth I wanted to die in that very moment but when he tried to take off my shirt I yelled “NO” and got up I told him I wanted to go back and continue practicing, I think I got lucky because both of his legs were prosthetic because he had been playing volleyball for so long and he wasn’t really strong, but I couldn’t have fought him off. The worst part of all of this was that I had to go to practice and face him everyday for another year because I hadn’t told anyone, not even my mom about this. We moved away but I never forgot and I never told anyone. So now when I fight for women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed people always attack me with the “you don’t know” “it hasn’t happened to you”, but still it was me who got over the depression and it was me who overcame the fear of trusting people because I remember how before assaulting me he would tell me I was special and precious and that I was his favorite one. #metoo


I had a manager with a temper and one day he wasn’t happy with my actions because they got him in trouble. Once he arrived at work and realized I was visibly upset about how he treated me he looked at me and said, “Hon, go get a snack. You’ll feel better.” NEVER would he say something like to my male co-worker and in a workplace where I am the only female being called “hon” does nothing for my credibility as a reliable employee. I feel like I’m living in “9 to 5: The Musical” most of the days I’m at work. Also, I get customers at my job who will start to express their concerns to me, but the moment my male coworker is off the phone or finished with their customer they will break off their conversation with me to seek help from him; sometimes even midsentence. I have watched a few of these customer stand back and refuse to work with me. Funnily enough, I’m the employee that’s been working there the longest.


When I was in 7th grade, I was walking my dog and she stopped to poop. As a 7th grader, I was not going through the most attractive phase in my life. I had a decent amount of acne, I was wearing an ill-fitting hand-me-down graphic tee and jeans, and I had these knee-high suede lace-up boots that I adored, my hair was cut in an very unflattering way, and lets not forget that i was a 12-year-old watching her dog poop. None of those things mattered to the man that stopped his car to holler “nice tits!” I wonder if it would have mattered to him if he knew that that was my first time being catcalled and that after I got home I spent hours staring into the mirror and crying because I was afraid of my own body. In 8th grade it was my responsibility to pick my brother up from school and walk him home. Again, 8th grade was not the most attractive phase of my life, for many of the same reasons I listed above. This time, I was not a 12-year-old watching her dog poop, I was a 13-year-old listening to her 8-year-old brother talking about Pokemon. These things didn’t matter to the men who stopped their car to yell “ay, mama!” I wonder if it would have mattered that I had to explain to my brother why some people did that or that my brother asked my parents to start picking him up because he didn’t want to see that again. I’ve experienced hundreds of things like this, in front of my dog, my brother, my mom, my friends, and strangers (I’ve noticed that it never happens when my dad or other male friends are around). I’ve experienced yelling, whistling, groping, and staring. I’ve experienced it in trains, buses, stores, streets, and in my own front yard. A while back, I started a logbook in which I recorded every instance, but stopped after two weeks because the 2+ entries a day became hard to keep up with and because it took up so much room on my phone and because it was just too depressing to see everything spread out in one place like that


i haven’t really ever been touched or grabbed by anyone except this one kid in middle school (5th or 6th grade) and he slapped my ass from behind me in the stairway. i was pissed, i turned around and i said, “what was that?” cause i had a vague notion that men can be gross and touch women where they don’t want to be touched. i think he laughed it off, maybe apologized, he was my friend at the time and i think his excuse what that he was trying to make his “girlfriend” jealous. i always thiught it was a funny story but the more i think about it, the creepier it is. i’m 16 now, no one’s grabbed me since (without my consent). and occasionally, for a split second, my stupid little teenage mind is like “am i not pretty enough to get unwanted dick pics? is my ass not big enough to grab or my tits not big enough to stare at?” obviously that’s stupid but it’s kinda ingrained in society for women to think that way even though i don’t want to be grabbed or stared at or sent guys’ gross penises. but some stupid sexism-sick mind will get a little jealous/confused when i hear so many harassment stories and i haven’t been harassed. that isn’t to say i haven’t been treated like less because i’m a women, i have certainly been. i get jokes all the time, and they piss me off, i depend on being a feminist. but this patriarchal misogynist society makes some part of my brain think that unwanted attention and objectification should be taken as a form of flattery, and it absolutely shouldn’t. it reminds me of those idiots who yell at feminists and say “you’re just upset because you’re too ugly to be raped”. it’s gross and i hate it.