Just watching an old episode of Bake Off, & one of the male contestants was talking about how he was making ‘His N Hers’ vol-au-vents. The ‘his’ ones are fry-up ones, & the ‘hers’ ones are smoked trout. To be fair, they’re based on his & his wife’s favourite food, but the ‘hers’ ones look suspiciously pink, & it does seem a bit gendered to me. My mother’s response was “cringe!” when she heard what this dude was going to be doing, & said that she preferred fry-ups (i.e. ‘his’) to the ‘hers’ one. Stop gendering food already! John Torode blotted his copybook here yet again as well, by describing a flavour in a male contestant’s dish as ‘manly’. WTF?!