I was on a night out, enjoying my last night in my university city before I left to go home to live my parents. I was having a great time and I bumped into a guy I’d very briefly met during my time at uni (let’s call him Charlie).We spoke for a couple of minutes but I got into a proper conversation with his friend (let’s call this friend Ben). Me and Ben seemed to be getting along, were just dancing, talking and having a bit of a joke around. He kissed me a few times and I just thought, right cool I’m attracted to him I’ll go for it- it’s only a kiss. The night drew to a close and I left the club with Ben and his two friends. Ben and Charlie said bye to one of there friends and me, Ben and Charlie started to walk in the same direction. I was just getting to a good/safer spot to order a taxi to. From there things started to get very awkward and uncomfortable very quickly when it became evident to the guys that I wanted to get a taxi and go home ALONE. Ben’s tone changed completely, he was being intimidating, and started saying I’d been horrible all night. His friend Charlie chimed in, telling me sarcastically how my makeup ‘was nice’. It even got to the point they were taking the p*ss out of what taxi company I was using – yeah very odd, I know. They were both surrounding me and spewing loads of stuff at me and I was just like “okay”. I turned away from them and was hoping my taxi would get to me asap as at this point I was very scared as to what they were going to do – they seemed pretty offended just because I basically wouldn’t put out and have sex with Ben. Pathetic. When my taxi arrived Ben asked “where’s my hug?” I just shrugged, I didn’t really know what to say, I felt panicky and awful and I just wanted to go home. I replied “I just feel really intimidated right now, I’m going home” to which they scoffed and were pretty much just mocking/taunting me. As I got in the taxi Charlie shouted “Lauren, get a personality some time!”. I just thought ‘wow’, what a low blow – all because I didn’t sleep with his friend. It’s worrying to me as I thought Ben was genuine, intelligent and interesting. It turns out he was just looking for one thing and when he didn’t get it things turned nasty. It’s a shame that I feel it’s a good thing this incident happened as maybe if circumstances were different I would have invited him back to mine and who knows what could have happened then if I said ‘no’.