So, this story happened ten years ago, when my now husband just finished school. We were a group of friends, 7 guys and three girls and most of us are still friends today. we did a lot together but also just parts of the group based on different intrests. some of us would go to the theatre while others were playing warhammer for example. my shared interest with h. were trashy movies: action, horror, western, crime- mostly from not-usa (europe, india, africa…) and mystery science theatre 3000. so we met on a regular basis after school in my room to watch a film before meeting the others. since i was 14 however i had something going on with A. – everybody knew that- and a month prior to this events, we became a cupple.
Everything was fine.

On this day however, we wanted to go to a club even though we were more the bar kind of people. we drank and danced and had a lot of fun. my boyfriend drank a little to much and two of the others brought him home. H. and I still had a good time and stayed for to more hours. on the way to my boyfriend’s house, were we stayed the night, H. started to get very silent, which wasn’t his normal behavior. i felt that something was going on- usual teenage-drama. finally he started talking: so, i have to tell you something. A. shouldn’t have you, he said. i starred at him in surprise. “it’s just that i called dips on you.”. i was speachless. “i think you should know that to consider the relationship. i called dips first”.

my now husband and i are still together, even though he “called dips” on me, like i was a bag of crisps.