My family decided one year to book an activity holiday with Neilson, for a change. The vacation was super great with nice accommodation and friendly peers (although there were several instances of boats capsizing etc. in some water-based activities). However, working at the resort was a photographer who took photos of everybody and if you wanted photos you would purchase them. Therefore, you couldn’t not have your picture taken. It didn’t really bother me with him taking my picture (although I got that gut feeling that he was kind of a creepy guy) and generally ignored it. That was until he started approaching me and several other girls – not boys btw – from behind (really quietly so you couldn’t move out the way because you didn’t notice) and placed his hands on my hips. He then tickled me and it was really disturbing. He did this several times and it really unnerved me. I was only 12 at the time and he was a middle-aged man. Because he didn’t speak English I didn’t know how to communicate that it made me feel uncomfortable. I really did feel sorry for some of the other girls he did this to though, because they were wearing bikinis (I didn’t then) and so his hands would be on their skin. maybe I’m overreacting? But I think in general everyone should just assume that other people do not want to be touched on the hips randomly and repeatedly.