I am 13 years old, going into 8th grade. My friends were talking about homecoming in 9th grade, and I mentioned how I don’t like dresses very much and I want to wear a tuxedo. They said I should wear whatever I want, but I know that my older sister has asked my mom before if she can wear a tux. Her answer was no. I don’t see why men can wear long pants and long sleeves, but (for the most part) girls are expected to wear short, skintight dresses. I’m also on a swim team, and the same thing goes for that too. Girls MUST wear extremely tight 1 piece swimsuits that have super thin straps, huge holes in the back, don’t cover their entire butts, and make all their features very exaggerated (because they’re so tight). The boys, on the other hand, get to wear swim shorts. Not very tight, they don’t look very uncomfortable, and they aren’t sexualizing. Pretty unfair, huh? One more thing, almost done: my older sister cut her hair very short (shaved on some parts and about eye/forhead level on the rest), bought a chest binder, and wanted to wear a tux. My mother’s response? “Are you turning into a boy?” WHA? And no, my sister is not trans, she just isn’t a “girly girl” (like me). Anyway, thanks for reading my long rant. Just know that whatever happens, you aren’t alone, and I love you <3