I don’t know if this is a wholly valid story as I’m a man who has never been discriminated against, objectified or abused.

I do not pretend to fully understand – or to have a chance of ever fully understanding – what many women go through on a daily basis because of their gender.

It’s an absolute disgrace and I just want to say that from now until the day I die, I will always be on your team in the battle against sexism in all its forms.

I think I have been in the past to some extent, but I can also think of occasions when I either didn’t fully identify the example of sexism in question or was too passive to tackle it.

Reading about the issue and watching the play “Asking For It” though, has massively opened my eyes to the problems and how they have become unforgivably normalized.

Would like to thank Laura Bates for her incredible book which has been really educational for me.

Always here for you.