I’m not sure if this is an instance of sexism but it really affected me and made me feel very unhappy and excluded. I went to the pharmacist in a supermarket with my mum and asked to speak privately. I needed the morning after pill. After some quick research I found out I could get one there and then despite my age. But the man I spoke to rolled his eyes when I told him the situation and that I was worried and so was my mum. He refused to give the morning after pill to me. I then went to a local chemist and did the same. This time I spoke to a lady and she told me he should’ve given me the morning after pill and that I was lucky I went to see her when I did. The way that man treated me, the way he rolled his eyes and just sighed constantly and barely listened to me when I was in need of help just made me feel so lost and hopeless because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get the help I needed. I reported him to the manager of the supermarket and no action was taken. No girl or woman should ever be made to feel this way. I needed help and he disregarded that. I do not want any other women going through what I did.