I’m from Romania and it’s impossible to not know how normal is domestic violence here. The sexism I grew up with, the violence in my family and other families… It’s just unimaginable how many women are beaten up by their husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, even sons in a Christianity dominated country. Why? Because it’s believe that the women purpose is to take care of children, to cook and to obey her husband because she’s the devil. For real. My religion teacher told us that and even asked why we, girls with dreams, want to be doctors, engineers or lawyers when we should just stay in the kitchen and take every slap our future husbands will throw to us.
My story it’s more related to the time I was younger. I remember I was 6 years old when one of my cousins slept at my home. My parents let him sleep with me (I think he had around 16). In that night my father came and caught him with his hand in my pants, in my most private parts. When I was 10 years old, another cousin put me and other girl from our family (who is 2 weeks older than me) to suck his dick… This are things I personally don’t remember very well, but I know they happened. Now, I’m 17 years old and I’m doing school 60 kilometres away from my home. Now I don’t experience any assault since I don’t really have a nice body and I’m 1,80 meters tall so I can easily defend myself if something happens. But that doesn’t mean everything is good. I just felt so different and ugly because of the way I look and the way people act around me. I don’t know if I should be relieved or sad that a guy who slap every girl butt ignores me and that’s frustrating. But I’m certainly happy that I’m not assault in anyway and that everything works good for me now.