The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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I arrived at a care home where I was due to see a resident (I’m a doctor) I work part time and had been for a walk with a friend so was wearing a base layer under my jumper with a vest top under that. I took my base layer off, and put my jumper back on sitting in the front of my car. A male contractor shouted over “you’re not going to take any more clothes off are you?”. I told him that I didn’t think that was funny and I found it intrusive. He repeated that he’d seen me getting changed and I said I was just changing my jumper. Felt so annoyed and exposed, questioning whether I’d done something wrong or overreacted (I know I hadn’t).


Boys in our sixth form have been highly sexist for over a year now (making ridiculous comments about how women only belong in the kitchen) and the other day were caught joking about sexual assault. They were saying awful things like ‘is it really sexual assault if the girl enjoys it?’. When confronted about this by two girls in our sixth form (who had both been previously sexually assaulted) they simply laughed. When this got reported to our head of sixth form, he said that they were stressed due to being in year 13 and that they didn’t mean it maliciously. He also essentially told the sixth form that if they wanted to say things like that, they shouldn’t do it in front of the girls. Essentially allowing the behaviour to happen, but just not around us. The girls were also told off for getting angry at the boys, yet the boys were not punished or told off for joking about sexual assault. We also found out the other day that safeguarding told us that our previous reports would be told to the headteacher, however this never happened. Most senior staff had no awareness of the fact that the majority of the boys in our sixth form hold quite extreme views and like to joke about them, despite us being told that the senior staff are aware and that it was being dealt with. The school have given us assemblies on consent, however I know it is only so the school look like they are doing something. Absolutely appalling, me and all the girls are outraged!! It’s a classic case of the boys get protected for being sexist and the girls get blamed for being angry.

“gender equality”

University has mixed accomodation and places a group of girls in same flat as creepy old man. But you can’t complain because you aren’t meant to complain about that sort of thing. It discriminates against women in the name of equality.


I experienced two incidents this week which put a downer on my day and left me feeling unfairly treated and angry for a few hours; A Mamil (middle-aged man in lyrlcra) I had indicated to turn right in front of on my (non-racing bike, forcing him to slow down) shouted “get a helmet, love”, to which I replied “mind your own business” and received a further shout of “don’t be so aggressive”. Irrespective of my decision to wear a helmet, he saw me as the aggressor for answering back (very politely!) A hotel I was staying in as a single traveller had set tables for two at breakfast to benefit from the sea view and a table for one in the middle of the room. When I said I would like to sit at one of the (three) free tables by the window, I was told they were set for two, as though one person could not sit there! I suggested removing one cover and went to sit at one of them. A male waiter said “you causing trouble?” and another male waiter brought me one piece of toast on a plate (other tables received a full toastrack!) and a half-filled pot of tea.


I was walking home holding one of my friends hands and TWO SEPERATE boys yelled at us to ‘close our legs’. I don’t understand how somebody’s worldview can become so twisted that they feel the need to say this to somebody who is holding hands with the same sex.


Crossing the road on a weekday lunchtime in the middle of my town. Male cyclist aggressively shouts “smile for fuck’s sake” at me.


When I was 14 a boy who was one of my best friends found me crying at a get together and instead of being a shoulder to cry on he locked the door behind him and pushed me up to a wall and began aggressively kissing and touching me. After I shouted and pushed him off I managed to get away but kept this private as we were both drinking and I thought it was nothing serious. A few weeks later he did the same thing to one of my friends at a party to which everyone at the party kicked him out. I then came forward and explained what had happened to me. I tried to avoid and ignore him as lots of people did but eventually he gained back his popularity and tried to apologise. Although I didn’t forgive him I decided to keep things civil as people were saying I overreacted and the other girl had decided to forgive him too. 6 years on and I still have to pretend to be his friend whilst the boys all make jokes about his strange past.


I had a tennis coach tell me that he liked it when women were “aggressive” and wink at me. Never made any of those comments to the boys team. He then put his hands on my waist and when I moved away he looked offended. I told my friend and she told me to report him. I did not want to. He made me feel shameful and disgusting. Eventually my friend said she would come with me. I told the woman in charge of the program while I sobbed. I never saw him there again, but to this day I still get anxious when a man touches me. I was 11 at the time. 7 years later it still bothers me.

traumatized and trapped

I was 10 years old when holidays lost their magic. My relative’s (I’m sorry I don’t want to be too specific) boyfriend would give me looks, make inappropriate comments, and touch me. I miss my her old husband. He was the only man that I didn’t get anxious around. I’m now 18 years old and he still does this. I dread every single holiday and family gathering. I feel guilty. I know I’m not in the wrong here, but he seems to make her so happy and I don’t want to ruin that. I think he knows that. It has made me hate my relative a little.


When I was 10 one of my so called friends groped me in class, no one saw and when I told my mom she said it was probably an accident and never brought it up again.