My friend and I were playing basketball one day during gym class. We are both on the team although she had been on the team for longer and was much better than me. This cocky guy comes up and started trash talking us. Saying things like he’d crush us, could take both of us 2 on 1, and that we probably played like girls. We played like girls. My friend dropped 50+ points on him and I dropped 20. We beat him 70-10 and barely broke a sweat.


One of the movements in the gym is called a ‘man maker.’ I made a point of this and the coaches now call it a ‘person maker.’


In gym class they have separate basketballs for each gender. I don’t know why, the heavier ones are easier to get in since they don’t bounce out.


I used to go to the gym with two guys and we always did the same exercises. We were doing shoulders which is why we sat on those gym benches in front of the mirror, all next to each other, with dumbbells in our hands, doing our sets. We were just between sets, chatting for a moment when an elderly man approaches me, only to tell me that he wants that bench and that I am only chatting and not working out. I told him I was not done and only taking a break. He then turned around and muttered “women, uh” under his breath. It felt so strange because he would have never asked the guys that I was with to give up their bench.


I’m a 19 year old female uni student, and I went for a run for the first time in a while today at 10.30am. I was next to a busy park where I had passed families and other runners, when a van honked the horn at me and the man in the passenger seat stuck his head out the window and pulled a suggestive facial expression and shouted something. I immediately felt uncomfortable and objectified. This is not a new thing – I remember being 14 years old and walking up the hill to an evening hockey club at school with my other female friends. We were honked by car horns on multiple occasions & it’s been happening ever since.


I was at the gym and have been going to the gym a few years. I was looking at the weights and a guy came up to me and said ‘Hey babe, looks like you need some help, which exercises are you planning to do? I can tell you which weights you need’.

Charlotte Scanlan

I regularly workout at the gym, and when I do really heavy squats it’s a bit of an effort for me to lift the bar out of the rack; it wobbles a bit, but it’s always fine. I can control it and wouldn’t attempt anything I struggled with too much. This guy who had been watching me while he did his workout came running over to help, and I told him I was fine and to leave it. He didn’t. He insisted on staying with me while I did the squats (that I’m perfectly capable of doing) even though I said “no.” Still, every time I squatted down he grabbed my waist and pulled me up. Every time he did this I said “no,” “please don’t,” or “you’re really putting me off.” He kept doing it. When we re-racked the bar I told him “please don’t, you’re making me nervous” and he laughed it off and walked away. The next set he came running back over and I told him “no, I really don’t want you to help me” and he insisted on standing there “just in case,” then continued to grab me every time. He wasn’t for taking no for an answer so I gave up in the end and went to do something else.


I used to work in a gym and I often dealt with various first aid incidents. An older couple used to visit regularly, and one evening the wife of the couple had serious chest pain that I helped her with and called an ambulance for. After the ambulance had taken the woman to hospital, a few days later we heard that she was still there and unwell. Her husband visited the gym about a week later and I asked after his wife to see how she was whilst walking with him to the gym. When he tried to use his membership card to swipe entry there was a technical error and it wouldn’t work. He turned to me and said ‘eugh, these swipe cards are an absolute nightmare never working, must have been a woman that made the system eh!’. For the rest of the time I worked there I never spoke to him again.


I was approached by a man I hadn’t met before at the gym, he came over and said hello. I politely smiled back and went down into my class. He proceeded to watch the entire class from an upper level. When I re-entered the main gym he came over again, asked me lots questions. He then offered me sex. When I moved to the other side of the room he continued to watch me until I felt so uncomfortable I had to leave. As I left he blocked my path and whispered “See you later sexy” in my ear. I mentioned it to a male member of staff a few days later, who laughed and agreed it was ‘creepy’, but did not take any action until another girl had the same experience. When I asked the member of staff about it he said ‘I’m not sure what Im meant to do about it’


Ew I just had a guy come up and tell me to workout differently and I’m 13 training for sports. He said girls make mistakes by not working on their lats like maybe they want to be big worry about yourself not how other girls look maybe they are doing it for their selfs and not your fucktoy and OMG like back tf off