I have always felt uncomfortable at the gym. It is embarrassing and I have overcome this fear to change my body.Just as I was becoming okay with the uncomfortable feeling of being that vulnerable in front of others, a male came up to me as I finished my workout.He told me how he “enjoyed watching me stretch.” And I was mortified. I ran off into the locker room and cried.I felt so vulnerable and gross. All the progress of telling myself that “guys were not looking,” was lost.
But I decided that he didn’t deserve to make me feel that way. I got myself together and walked out of that locker room and confronted him. I let him know why that was not okay and if he is watching someone he should never tell them. I never felt so constructive. He even listened. Well he tried to, I felt constructive till he tried complimenting me after this confrontation. Oh well, it was the beginning.