I was at the gym, nearing the end if my workout so heading to the mats to stretch. I have my headphones on still, but a man comes over from the other side of the gym and justiculates at the mat and I catch ‘scuse me love’and not the rest. He stands infront of me on the mat. I remove headphones. Question what hes doing.
Him:’I need to finishes my reps here. ‘
Me:(confuses face) excuse me?
HIM: I said I need to finish my reps here.
Me: (still confused)
Him: (gesticulates to the mats again) I’m doing my reps here.
Me:(noticing there are two large mats free) Isnt there room for everyone?)
Him: I’m just being polite and saying can I finish my reps here?
Me:(still confused but,)aright get on with it then.
Him: you need to move your stuff (my jumper and water)
I pick it up and stand watching as he proceeds to lie the wrong way across the mats taking up two sections and continues his work out , like it was more important than mine. I watch over him unimpressed and scowling) until he finishes.